February 7, 2018

East Central College alumnus Tom Abbott was named the 2017 Outstanding Young Person by the Union Area Chamber of Commerce on February 3. According to a recent article in The Missourian, Abbot lives his life on the belief that “everyone can do something to make the community a better place.”

Abbott has served on the Franklin County Fair Board for nearly a decade, serving as the trash chairman, gates chairman, advertising chairman, food book chairman and treasurer. As he took on the roles, according to Missourian Managing Editor Gregg Jones, “he made each spot more efficient than it had been – all the while building relationships with community organizations and sponsors to help the fair.”

In the nomination, Abbott was called a “champion for the kids” because of his service to young people, especially Special Olympic athletes who he works with in track, softball and bowling. He was also praised for helping local youth find a safe place to stay when needed and has supported younger people through drug rehab and recovery.

“Volunteering is my first priority in life,” Abbott said in The Missourian article. “Everybody has time to do something, whether it’s giving someone a ride or listening to someone who has a problem. Every little thing helps (someone).”

Read the full story in The Missourian.

Photo: Courtesy of The Missourian – Tom Abbott, center, was named the Outstanding Young Person at the Union Area Chamber of Commerce’s Distinguished Service Awards banquet Saturday, Feb. 3. With him are Melissa Vogt, Chamber director, and Gregg Jones, 2016 award recipient.



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