september, 2017

5sep - 29All DayFeaturedJenn Brown & Sara Weininger "In Between"(All Day) Hansen Hall 121, Art Gallery


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Reception:  September 21, 2017   5:00 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Jenn Brown and Sara Weininger, Washington University Graduate Student Show, “In Between”

Jenn Brown Statement

“There’s a space between an inner discomfort that is good, challenging, and the type that is enfeebling. When you are so uncomfortable within your own headspace, with your own sense of “otherness,” it becomes a constant check of emotions, a consistent questioning of your own stability. It can be very easy to get trapped within this space. It festers into a kind of barrier, an existential armor. The longer we’re trapped, the more intricately wound the armor becomes, and the more it grafts to us. It’s a lovely hindrance. Something that starts as a means of protection and self-preservation becomes debilitating. It’s beautiful and tragic, it’s phantasmagoric, it’s grotesque, it’s elegant and, it’s terrifying.”

Sara Weininger Statement

“I sat on the floors of many rooms when I was very little. I could hear people talking about things bigger than me. To escape these things, I dug for crayons and paper in a crowded knapsack. With these, I made my first drawings. Drawing is both the source and structure for my present work. Awkward dreamlike perspectives are constructed through a physical building up of marks. My current body of work aims to describe “many rooms” through both memory and present thought. These imagined environments emerge through immediate perceptual experience, as well as through the malleability and instability of memory



september 5 (Tuesday) - 29 (Friday)


Hansen Hall 121, Art Gallery


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