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A Financial Gift

Gifts of resources are vital to the continuing success of ECC. We believe every gift makes a difference. When combined with the gifts of others, your gift enables us tochange lives.


Gift Opportunities

Make a donation - Any donation given to the Foundation to directly benefit our students and programs:

Given annually or just once

Used to set up an endowment - a permanent gift

Designated by you for a specific purpose

Customized to fit your passion

Legacy Gift - Any donation made to the Legacy Fund builds on endowments to fund scholarships. These include:

General Legacy Fund gifts for institutional scholarships

Designated gift to fund a previously established scholarship

Designated gifts to created a named Legacy scholarship

Tribute Gift - Any donation given to the Foundation to honor or remember family members, friends, coworkers or other loved ones, as well as gifts celebrating those indivdiuals achieving life milestones.

Event Gift - Any donation given tot he Foundation through one of our fundraisers to benefit our students and programs. These can be given to purchase:



Other event-related items

Planned Gift - A donation made in a lifetime or at death as part of a donor's overall financial and/or estate planning. Thse include:


Real Estate

Life Insurance


Retirement Plan Assets

Savings Bonds

To find out more about how you can support East Central College through the ECC Foundation, call (636) 584-6505 or email

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