Course Catalog: Sociology

SO 1103 3.0
General Sociology
An introductory course in the field of sociology with special emphasis on the scientific study of social relations, social organizations, social institutions, and social dynamics. VAL, GLB, SBS
Prerequisite: None

SO 1203 3.0
Am Social Problems
A study of select problems, including consideration of proposed lines of action in dealing with them. Problem areas include population, the affluent society, poverty, urban renewal, delinquency and crime, automation, the aging, ethnic and racial relations, and the role of the United States in the relationship to the underdeveloped areas of the world. SBS, VAL, GLB
Prerequisite: None

SO 2203 3.0
Marriage & Family
A study of the family, society, and the individual. The course includes background on American family patterns; premarital behavior; marriage and variations in family forms; and problems of the family today. Special emphasis is given to marriage and the family as a kind of human relationship. VAL, GLB, SBS
Prerequisite: None