Professional Staff

Unless otherwise noted, all phone extensions are at (636) 584-6500.

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 Doug Agee

Bookstore and Imaging Services Manager
Phone: 636-584-6714
Mailbox: 18DSSC

BS - Biology, Drury University

 Erin Anglin

Director, Learning Center
Phone: 636-584-6741
Off: BH 190
Mailbox: 8BH
AA - Gen Studies-Transfer, East Central College; BA - English, Southern Illinois Univ-Edwardsville; MA - Counseling, Missouri Baptist University

 Linda Arrington

Academic Advisor - Instructional
Phone: 636-584-6677
Off: HS 120
Mailbox: 2HS
BS - Mathematics, Virginia Polytechnic

 Christina Ayres

Director, Rolla Campus
Phone: 573-202-6959
Off: RNT 100
Mailbox: 30BH
BS - Mathematics, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla; MS - Mathematics, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla

 Lorrie Baird

Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 636-584-6570
Off: BH 119
Mailbox: 4BH

AA, University of Phoenix; BS - Sociology, Central Methodist University - Union

 Robert Baldwin

Director of Online Learning & Educational Technology
Phone: 636-584-6609
Off: HH 135
Mailbox: 2 HH/2

AA - Commercial Art, East Central College; AA - English, East Central College; BFA - Art, University of Central Missouri; MS, University of Central Missouri

 Ann Boehmer

Dean of Instruction
Phone: 636-584-6679
Off: HH 421
Mailbox: 28 HH/3

BA - Mathematics, University of Missouri- St Louis; MA - Mathematics, University of Missouri- St Louis

 Michelle Branton

Director, Developmental Education Programs
Phone: 636-584-6182
Off: HH 159
Mailbox: 14 HH/2


 Eric Clapper

Academic Advisor
Phone: 636-584-6564
Off: BH 151
Mailbox: 1BH

AA - General Studies, East Central College; BS - Criminal Justice, University of Missouri- St Louis

 JC Crane

Director, Admissions
Phone: 636-584-6552
Off: BH 126
Mailbox: 1BH

 Jennifer Crosby

Assistant Director, ECC Rolla
Phone: 573-466-4077
Off: RTC 116
Mailbox: 30BH
AA - Social Work, East Central College; BS - Criminal Justice, University of Central Missouri; MED, University of Missouri- St Louis

 Ehren Curnutte

Systems and Network Manager
Phone: 636-584-6642
Off: HH 128
Mailbox: 16 HH/3

AA - General Studies, East Central College

 Miguel De Aguero

Coordinator, Technical Support
Phone: 636-584-6640
Off: HH 314
Mailbox: 20 HH/3

1YR - Computer Information System, East Central College; AAS - Computer Information System, East Central College

 Laura Deason

Academic Advisor
Phone: 636-584-6579
Off: BH 138
Mailbox: 18BH

AA, East Central College; AA - Gen Studies-Transfer, Junior College District of; BS - Mathematics, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla

 Melanie Dixon

Associate Registrar
Phone: 636-584-6554
Off: BH 149
Mailbox: 12BH

AA, John A. Logan College; AAT - Education, East Central College; BS - Psychology, Central Methodist University

 Mary Eagan

AEL Instruction Coordinator
Phone: 636-584-6665
Off: ECTC 118
Mailbox: ECTC

BS - Elementary Education, Northwest Missouri State University

 Lisa Farrell

Director, Library Services
Phone: 636-584-6558
Off: BH 163
Mailbox: 26BH

BA - Sociology, Truman State University; MA - Library Science, University of Missouri-Columbia

 Bonnie Gardner

Executive Assistant to the President
Phone: 636-584-6502
Off: BH 254
Mailbox: 10BH

1YR - Adminis Assistant, Junior College District of; AAS - Adminis Assistant, Junior College District of

 Karen Griffin

Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 636-584-6575
Off: BH 125
Mailbox: 4BH

BS - Bus Administration, Columbia College; MA - Legal, Webster University

 Wendy Hartmann

Director, Human Resources
Phone: 636-584-6712
Off: DSSC 005
Mailbox: 13DSSC

BS - Bus Administration, Southeast Missouri State University; MA - Human Resources, Webster University

 Stephanie Hebert

Enrollment Management Systems Manager
Phone: 636-584-6555
Off: BH 144
Mailbox: 6BH

BA - English, Truman State University

 Russell Henderson

Director, Dual Credit and College Readiness
Phone: 636-584-6691
Off: BH 221
Mailbox: 23BH
BA - History, Washington University-St. Louis; MA - History, University of Mississippi; PHD - History, University of Mississippi

 Courtney Henrichsen

Coordinator, Campus Life and Leadership
Phone: 636-584-6583
Off: DSSC 104
Mailbox: 19DSSC
BSW - Social Work, University of Missouri- St Louis; MSW, University of Missouri- St Louis

 Lark Hoffman

Associate Director, Financial Services
Phone: 636-584-6705
Off: BH 265
Mailbox: 2BH

BS - Bus Administration, Sociology, William Jewell College

 Joseph Houston

Director, Information Technology
Phone: 636-584-6732
Off: HH 318
Mailbox: 15 HH/3

 Richard Hudanick

Dean of Career and Technical Education
Phone: 636-584-6635
Off: HH 137
Mailbox: 7 HH/2
BS - Business Management, Southeast Missouri State University; MBA - Bus Administration, Fontbonne University

 Rachael Karr

Enrollment Services Coordinator
Phone: 573-466-4078
Off: RTC 116
Mailbox: 30BH

BS - Psychology, University of Central Missouri

 Oliver Kassenbrock

Performing Arts Center Manager
Phone: 636-584-6720
Off: HH 114
Mailbox: 24HH/2

 Heather Kleekamp

Financial Aid Advisor
Phone: 636-584-6574
Off: BH 120
Mailbox: 4BH

AA - Gen Studies-Transfer, East Central College; MBA - Bus Administration, Missouri Baptist University

 Sarah Kloeppel-Johnson

Associate Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 636-584-6573
Off: BH 122
Mailbox: 4BH

AA - Economics, East Central College; AA - Bus Administration, East Central College; AA - Gen Studies-Transfer, East Central College; BS - Business, Central Methodist University; MBA - Bus Administration, Missouri Baptist University

 Karen Klos

Instructional Design Specialist
Phone: 636-584-6614
Off: BH 164
Mailbox: BH 26

AA, Jefferson College; BA - Communications, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia; MED, University of Mo-St.Louis

 Jennifer Kuchem

Phone: 636-584-6580
Off: BH 134
Mailbox: 20BH
BA - Psychology, Webster University; MA - Counseling, Webster University

 Yohanes Kurniawan

Computer Programmer/Content Specialist
Phone: 636-584-6594
Off: HH 306A
Mailbox: 12HH/3

BS - Comp Info Sys-Bus , Arkansas State University; MS - Information Systems, Arkansas State University; MBA - Bus Administration, Arkansas State University

 Paul Lampe

Director, Advising and Counseling
Phone: 636-584-6581
Off: BH 136
Mailbox: 21BH
BA - English, Lindenwood University; MA - English, University of Mo-St.Louis

 Wendy Landwehr

Human Resources Specialist
Phone: 636-584-6711
Off: DSSC 005
Mailbox: 13SC

AA, University of Phoenix

 Anne Lause

Enterprise System Administrator
Phone: 636-584-6725
Off: HH 316
Mailbox: 19 HH/3

BS - Computer Information System, Southeast Missouri State University

 Bethany Lohden

Director, Institutional Research
Phone: 636-584-6503
Off: BH 248
Mailbox: 7BH

BA - Marketing, Lindenwood University; MA - Comp Info Sys-Bus , Webster University

 Sara Marler

Admissions Representative
Phone: 636-584-6694
Off: BH 151
Mailbox: 1BH

MED - Adult & Higher Education, University of Missouri- St Louis

 Steffani McCrary

Academic Advisor - Career Services
Phone: 636-584-6569
Off: BH 137
Mailbox: 3BH
AA - Bus Administration, Junior College District of; MBA, Columbia College

 Kristin Milligan

Associate Director, Learning Center
Phone: 636-584-6595
Off: BH 189
Mailbox: 8BH
BA - English, Webster University; MA - English, Texas State University

 Nancy Mitchell

Dean of Health Sciences
Phone: 636-584-6619
Off: HS 111
Mailbox: 1HS
BA - English, William Woods University; AAS - Nursing, Junior College District of; BS - Nursing, Central Methodist College; MS - Nursing, Maryville University

 Annette Moore

Director, Financial Services/Comptroller
Phone: 636-584-6704
Off: BH 265
Mailbox: 2BH

 Lesley Peters

Academic Advisor - Access Services
Phone: 636-584-6577
Off: BH 133
Mailbox: 28BH
BS - Psychology, Missouri State University; MA - Education, Murray State University; MS - Human Development, Murray State University

 Melissa Popp

Purchasing Manager
Phone: 636-584-6703
Off: BH 263
Mailbox: 11BH

AA - Music - Fine Arts, Junior College District of; BS - Business, Central Methodist University - Union; MBA - Bus Administration, Columbia College

 Tot Pratt

Director, Facilities & Grounds
Phone: 636-584-6733
Mailbox: GROUNDS

 Melissa Richards

Coordinator, Business Development & Training
Phone: 649-5806
Off: BIC
Mailbox: 29 BH

 Dana Riegel

Research Analyst
Phone: 636-584-6504
Off: BH 247
Mailbox: 7BH

BS - Bus Administration, University of Missouri- St Louis

 Jessica Robart

Coordinator, Student Success ECC Rolla
Phone: 573-466-4081
Off: RTC 115
Mailbox: 30BH
AA, Ozarks Technical Community College; BS - Anthropology & Archa, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; MA - Counseling, Missouri Baptist University

 Pamela Ruwe-Kaiser

Ael Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 636-584-6915
Off: ECTC 112
Mailbox: ECTC

BS - Agriculture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; MS, The Ohio State University

 Melissa Schall Willmore

Project Coordinator, Skillup Program
Phone: 636-584-6530
Off: BH 260
Mailbox: 14BH

 Jay Scherder

Director, Public Relations
Phone: 636-584-6507
Off: BH 246
Mailbox: 9BH

 Tom Schickler

Custodial Supervisor
Phone: 636-584-6734
Mailbox: GROUNDS

Study at East Central College (Union, MO)

 Sarah Scroggins

Phone: 636-584-6553
Off: BH 129
Mailbox: 12BH
BA - Elementary Education, Midamerica Nazarene University; MA - Education, Midamerica Nazarene University

 Edward Shelton

Executive Director, Workforce Development
Phone: 6495807
Off: BIC
Mailbox: BIC

 Debra Simily

Food Service Manager
Phone: 636-584-6719
Mailbox: 8DSSC

 Michelle Smith

Executive Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 636-584-6676
Off: BH 205
Mailbox: 38BH

 Windy Souders

Coordinator, Testing Services
Phone: 636-584-6604
Off: BH 191
Mailbox: BH 25
AAT - Education, East Central College; BS - English, Missouri Baptist University

 Terri Warmack

Coordinator, Health Careers Workforce
Phone: 636-584-6531
Off: ECTC 105
Mailbox: ECTC

AA - Nursing, Hillsborough Community College; BS - Nursing, University of South Florida

 Tracie Welsh

Coordinator, Academic Services
Phone: 636-584-6608
Off: HH 161
Mailbox: 29HH/2

CC - Criminal Justice, Junior College District of; AA - Gen Studies-Transfer, East Central College; BS - Criminal Justice, University of Mo-St.Louis

 Alice Whalen

Director, Adult & Education Literacy
Phone: 636-584-6532
Off: ECTC 116
Mailbox: ECTC

CC - Bus Marketing & Mgt, Junior College District of; MBA - Bus Administration, University of Phoenix