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The Associate of Applied Science degree is one of the areas within the Business Technology Department that provides students career preparation coursework, applications and experiences. At completion of a program of study in this area students will be prepared as office support professionals, with options in a variety of applications areas. In addition, students will study a cohesive program of general education focused on business and business applications Students will possess the skills needed for a plethora of career choices and more information is available on the Fact Sheet.



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Division Chair


Mary Beth Huxel

Business Chair

636-584-6613   Off: AC132


Union Faculty


James Carter


636-584-6639 Off: AC253


Jason Durbin

Business Management Technology/Business

636-584-6655  Off: AC259


Dan Hall


636-584-6638  Off: AC252


David  Hood

Business Technology

Computer Information Systems

636-584-6636  Off: AC251


Dr. David Ruggeri, Coordinator

Business / Economics

636-584-6635  Off: AC250


Related Faculty


Dr. Jerry Amoloza


636-584-6740  Off: AC259


Judy Cook

Computer Information Systems

636-584-6675  Off: CC106


Diane Pellin

Computer Information Systems

636-584-6676  Off: CC107  

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