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ECC Culinary Arts Application Process

Applications to the East Central College Culinary Arts Program will be accepted starting in January   for the upcoming fall semester.  Applications must be submitted to the Culinary Arts office (located in the Training Center on ECC’s Union campus) either by mail or in person.  Because of limited space, applications for admission will be accepted until the program is full.  Those needing Culinary Program Admissions Packets may stop by the Culinary Arts office to pick up the packet.

For more information please contact:

Chef Ted Hirschi                                            

Program Coordinator 636.584.6686


Liz Van Camp

Culinary Instructional Assistant  636.584.6687



The Culinary Arts Program is one of 30 technical education programs offered through East Central College.  The Culinary Arts program offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree and a Certificate of Achievement taught through a block schedule of course sequencing.  The curriculum centers on “hands on” learning in our professional culinary kitchen taught by qualified chefs, pastry chefs and instructors. 

The program is located at the Union campus in a facility with up to date kitchen, bakeshop and garde manger cold room.  Students earning an AAS degree will also study advanced culinary skills, restaurant and foodservice management theory, and a general education base. 

Program Mission Statement:

East Central College Culinary Arts Program is a career-based education/skill learning format for students planning a serious future as a professional culinarian. As one of the technical education programs in a community college venue, we will provide affordable, quality training by qualified instructors. Since the culinary industry is a dynamic field, the program will continuously update and revise curriculum, training methods, equipment and staff to keep our students the choice of regional employers.


ECC Culinary Program


Program Requirements:

  • Completed an Application for Admission to East Central College
  • Completed an Application for Admission to the Culinary Arts program
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Be prepared to take MT1023 Business Math, or a higher level math course
  • Have reading skills  capable of entering EN1223 English Comp I
  • Complete Statement of Food Allergies / Vaccinations (students are required to have their Hepatitis A Vaccination)
  • Complete a program interview


Degrees and Certificates:



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Programmatic Accreditation:

East Central College Culinary Arts program has earned accreditation through the American Culinary Federation, Educational Foundation, Accreditation Commission (ACFEFAC) and is recognized as an Exemplary Program.


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Career & Technical Programs



Division Chair


Mary Beth Huxel

Education & Social Science Chair

636-584-6613   Off: AC132


Culinary Arts Program Faculty

  Ted Hirschi  

Ted Hirschi, CEC, CCE, FMP

Program Coordinator/Chef Instructor

636-584-6686  Off: ECTC 121


Mike Palazzola

Chef Instructor

636-584-6793  Off: ECTC 121


Culinary Arts Program Staff

  Liz Van Camp  

Liz Van Camp

Instructional Program Assistant

636-584-6687  Off: ECTC 121

  Gail Witt   

Gail Witt, CC

Instructional Program Assistant

636-584-6536  Off: ECTC 121

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