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Health Information Management


The East Central College Health Information Management program integrates knowledge of planning, designing, and managing systems, process, and facilities used to collect, store, secure, retrieve, analyze, and transmit medical records and other health information used by clinical professionals and health care organizations.


The Health Information Management associate degree program prepares students to demonstrate successful entry level competence in the domains and subdomains established by AHIMA for Health Information Management professionals and Medical Coders.


More information is available on the Fact Sheet below.

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Education & Social Science



Division Chair


Mary Beth Huxel

Education & Social Science Chair

636-584-6613   Off: AC132


Union Faculty


Deborah Schultze, MS, RHIA

Director, HIM Program

636-584-6129  Off: AC133A


Nanette Sayles, EdD

Associate Professor, HIM Program


Dawn Falloon, RHIA

Adjunct Instructor, HIM Program


Support Staff


Claudine Ilko

Administrative Assistant

Health Information Management

636-584-6598  Off: AC32


Diann Sethaler

Administrative Assistant

Education, Soc. Sci. & Tech Div.

636-584-6139  Off: AC133A








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