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History, Political Science, and Geography courses explore the decisions and actions of people to better understand past choices, present circumstances, and future possibilities.  Studying history, political science, and geography will enhance a student’s ability to think and reason, to communicate effectively, and to organize, evaluate, and interpret information.  The department offers classes that specialize in a country or region, a specific time period, or a particular area of study.   History and Political Science classes also fulfill a state-mandated constitution competency requirement. Students who complete an AA degree in History or Social Science at East Central will possess the academic knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any professional or collegiate environment.   More information is available on the Fact Sheet below.


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Mary Beth Huxel

Education & Social Science Chair

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Union Faculty


Russ Henderson, Coordinator


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Dennis Pohlman

Political Science/History

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Coreen Derifield

Political Science/History

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