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The psychology/social science program provides a theoretical foundation for a wide range of careers in human services. The program offers courses in areas such as, but not limited to, general psychology, general sociology, social problems, human growth and development, child and adolescent behavior, human relations, marriage and family, and social work. East Central's psychology/social science program is a flexible curriculum that offers an AA degree on both the Union and Rolla campus. After successfully completing the program requirements, students will be prepared to transfer to a Bachelor’s Degree program in a variety of fields. More information is available on the Fact Sheets below.


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Education & Social Science



Division Chair


Mary Beth Huxel

Education & Social Science Chair

636-584-6613   Off: AC132


Union Faculty


Dr. Bill Cunningham


636-584-6651  Off:  BH208


Dr. Wendy Pecka

Psychology, Coordinator

636-584-6658  Off:  BH207


Rolla Faculty


Kristen Oates


573-458-0101  Off:  RTC102A






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