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Associate of Arts in Mass Media Communication:

This curriculum is intended for students planning to transfer to a four year institution that offers programs in mass media communication, public relations, broadcasting and media production. The strong liberal arts foundation emphasizes the humanities, media theory and literacy and media production.


Since area colleges and universities have a diverse set of entry requirements, each student’s program of study is designed around their target transfer institution. The program is divided into two tracks: public relations and media production.


Public Relations is the means by which organizations relate to and communicate with their audiences. Students on this track focus on media studies courses as well as business, marketing, and speaking skills. 


Students interested in broadcasting, film, radio and other production-based fields focus on media studies as well as production courses specific to their field of interest including classes in photography, video production, and film studies.


Graduates of this program should be able to demonstrate the following in accordance with ECC’s Common Learning Objectives:

-Be ethical and socially responsible

-Communicate effectively in both verbal and written mediums

-Think critically and creatively to solve problems

-Demonstrate proficiency in applying media theory to media products

-Understand the history of the media and how it has affected local, national and international affairs

-Discuss, debate and analyze media’s role in society and how it affects us today

-Demonstrate an ability to collaborate with peers to accomplish goals


Activities in Mass Media

Students in the Media department at ECC have many opportunities to pursue their interest at ECC. Media students are encouraged to participate in the production of the Cornerstone, the ECC newspaper, as well as attend the many activities the Fine and Performing Arts Division offers including the Words and Motion series, ECC theater productions and ECC music productions.  Multimedia production projects and classes are also currently under development.


The Career

Media Communication professionals are message makers. Most often, this involves using new technologies to communicate the right message, to the right audience at the right time. You’ll find communication professionals doing everything from advertising and public relations for large and small companies to producing motion pictures, television shows and web video.


Employment Opportunities:

Once a Bachelors is complete, students in this field work in a variety of organizations and positions. Mass Media professionals find employment in the public relations, advertising, radio and television broadcasting, filmmaking, new media production fields as well as pursue higher education and careers in academia.


Transfer Options:

The AA in Mass Media Communication is designed for students seeking to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in a media related field. Many credits, particularly the general education electives earned with this degree, are accepted as credit at four-year colleges and universities. Please note that the transferring credit is decided by the bachelor granting institution.  Students seeking transfer should be in constant contact with their target school to maximize the transferability of their core coursework.


Current Degrees and Certificates:




Prior Degrees and Certificates:




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Fall Semester – 1 st Year

FS 1001/Foundation Seminar-1

EN 1223/1233 – English Comp I/Honors-3

CT 1003 – Oral Communication-3

MT 1403 – College Algebra-3

PE – Physical Ed-1

CT1033-Intro To Mass Media Communications-3

Total hours: 14

Spring Semester – 1 st Year

EN 1333/1343 – English Comp II/ Honors-3

JR 2033 Diversity and the Media

HI or PS 1000 Const. Study Module-0     

Hist/Poli Sci-History or Political Science Course-3

CS 1003/1013 – Micro Computer Apps/Survey of CIS-3

Humanities (Writing Skill Area)-3

CT 1103 – Public Speaking-3

Total hours: 18

Fall Semester – 2 nd Year

SC1000 – Lab Safety- 0

Science with Lab (Life or Physical)-5

SO1103 or PY 1103 - Soc Behav course-3

Foreign Language-4

MMC program elective (media production)-3

MMC program elective-3

Total hours: 17

Spring Semester – 2 nd Year

Science w/o Lab (Life or Physical), opposite previous science-3

CT 2113- Public Relations or CT 1123 Film Studies-3

Social/Behavioral Elective-3

MMC program elective-3

MMC program elective-3

Total hours: 15


Suggested electives:

You will work with your advisor and your transfer institution to choose electives that will best transfer.


  • For Media Production/Broadcasting:
    • CT 1123Introduction to Film Studies (Spring Only)
    • JR1103 Journalism Production
    • JR 2013  News and Feature Writing
    • EN2333 Creative Writing-Literary Nonfiction
    • AR2203 Photography 1
    • AR 2213 Photography 2
    • AR 2223 Advanced Photography
    • GD1013 Intro to Multimedia and Graphic Design
    • GD1023/GD1163 Photoshop I and II
    • GD1123 Illustrator
    • GD 1713 Flash Animation
    • GD2223 Digital Photography
    • GD2303 Web Design
    • GD 2403 and 2433 Digital Video 1 and 2
    • AN1103 Introduction to Anthropology
    • PY1103 General Psychology
    • SO1103 General Sociology


  • For Public Relations:
    • JR1103 Journalism Production
    • EN2333 Creative Writing-Literary Nonfiction
    • AR2203 Photography 1
    • AN1103 Introduction to Anthropology
    • BU1003 Intro to Business
    • BU1013 Prin. Of Marketing
    • EN1303 Business Writing
    • PS1203 US Govt-National/State
    • PS 1303 State and Local Govt
    • PS2303 Intro to Comparative Politics
    • PY1103 General Psychology
    • SO1103 General Sociology
    • Any Foreign Language





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