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Our mission is to teach students from diverse backgrounds, including mathematically weak backgrounds, and encourage students to aspire towards expertise in their future education.


Our Faculty promote lifelong learning through the use of traditional and new teaching methods, technology, and course assessments and development. The department supports its mission through the following:


  • Developmental education – by providing remedial courses through a variety of methodologies supporting all learning styles and building a foundation for subsequent course work.
  • General education – by achieving ECC’s common learning objective of creative/critical thinking through our college level courses, specifically College Algebra.
  • Career/Technical education – by helping to create a workforce rigorously trained in mathematics.
  • Post algebra education – by offering courses, such as Calculus, Statistics, and Differential Equations, to science, engineering, and mathematics majors, which help maintain effective transferability.


We teach a number of courses, including day and evening courses that are offered at the main campus and satellite locations, hybrid courses, and web courses, which help students from all disciplines learn the mathematics skills they need for success.


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Mathematics & Physical Science



Division Chair


Ann Boehmer

Mathematics & Physical

Science Chair

636-584-6679  Off: CC212


Union Faculty


Linda Follis


636-584-6678 Off: CC227


Eric Lawrence 


636-584-6682   Off:  CC215


Mark McGhee


636-584-6674  Off: CC213


Anne Mentz


636-584-6680  Off: CC213


Shaun Roberson


636-584-6683  Off: CC216


Rolla Faculty


Reginald Brigham


573-458-0101   Off:  RTC115


Laura Roselli


573-458-0101  Off: RTC115


Support Staff


Linda Arrington

Instructional Program Assistant, Pre-Engineering

636-584-6677 Off: CC227

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