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The Physics/Physical Science classes support diverse degree and certificate curriculums at East Central College.  One program of study is an Associate of Arts degree in Physical Science. This degree combines courses from many Physical Science disciplines and allows students to customize their program of study towards their chosen field.   Examples of additional supported degree plans include:  Engineering, Medical Science, Education, Industrial Engineering, and Precision Machining. These classes also meet the general education requirements for any degree plan.  No matter what the program, the students are expected to develop a set of fundamental skills to apply their physics experience and knowledge to analyze new situations in their chosen field of study. 


Our Faculty promote lifelong learning through the use of traditional and new teaching methods, technology, laboratory experience and course assessments. They ensure that all students have a set of fundamental skills necessary for their future coursework at their transfer institution. These skills should include the following: a) laboratory skills; b) computer skills; and c) problem-solving skills.


We teach a number of courses, including day and evening courses that are offered at the main campus and satellite locations, which help students from all disciplines complete their program requirements


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Mathematics & Physical Science


Division Chair


Ann Boehmer

Mathematics & Physical

Science Chair

636-584-6679  Off: CC212


Union Faculty


Dr. Barry Bookout

Engineering, Mathematics, Physics

636-584-6684  Off: CC231


Dr. Isaiah Kellogg

Engineering, Physics, Physical Science

636-584-6685   Off:  CC232








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