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East Central College offers a program of study leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Paramedic Technology. Students in the program receive instruction in the recognition, treatment, and transport of patients with medical emergencies and trauma. To achieve licensure as a paramedic, students studying at East Central College comply with United States Department of Transportation guidelines. These guidelines require that students first complete coursework leading to licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic prior to entry in the Paramedic Technology certificate or degree program.  Courses combine classroom and laboratory activities with clinical experiences in an acute care setting.  This provides the student with the opportunity to learn skills and techniques to be applied in the actual work setting.

The program of study is accredited by the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and prepares students for national licensure. The College also offers a series of post-licensure refresher courses for professionals working in the field. East Central College is the designated regional training center for emergency medical services personnel. The EMS program has a state-of-the-art clinical lab which utilizes high-fidelity human patient simulators and an ambulance.



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  • Accredited by the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
    • Website:

      Bureau of Emergency Medical Services                                                                           PO Box 570                                                                                                            Jefferson City, Mo. 65102                                                                                  573-751-6356
  • Admission Requirements

Students must have completed:

    • High school diploma or the equivalent (documentation sent to the Registration office)
    • Application for Admission
    • A placement test as specified by the college. (Please note: Some coursework requires minimum placement results.)
    • Program Specific:
      • Satisfactory criminal background check and drug screening upon acceptance to program
  • Contact

Tom Fitts

(636) 584-6623






























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Division Chair

  Robyn Walter  

Robyn Walter

Nursing/Allied Health Chair

636-584-6617  Off:  HS108


Union Faculty


Tom Fitts

Assist. Prof., EMT/Paramedic

636-584-6623  Off: HS115


Theresa Briggs

Clinical Coordinator

636-584-6616  Off: HS116

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