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Priority Deadlines: Students who submit their Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) and requested documentation on or before the following priority deadlines, and are eligible to receive benefits, will be held in classes. All documents must be received by the financial aid office no later than: 

Fall:  July 1 ST

Spring:  December 1 ST

Summer:  May 1 ST

After Priority Deadlines: Students who submit their Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) after the above priority deadlines should set up a payment plan with the Business Office to insure that their classes will not be cancelled on the day fees are due.  Students should allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of financial aid applications.


Financial Aid




By choosing to attend East Central College you have made a smart educational and financial decision. East Central College offers a high quality education at a low cost. However, we realize that even though the cost to attend East Central is one of the lowest in the state, you may still need financial assistance. This information will help you find ways to lessen the financial burden of attending college.


Financial assistance is provided through many forms. Through a process of careful planning and preparation, higher education can be an obtainable goal. Each student must take the responsibility to review his or her goals, evaluate their family's financial situation and determine a course of action. Fortunately students do not have to do this entire process alone. The Office of Financial Aid is here to help you determine your course of action!


Before explaining how financial aid is determined and what sources of financial assistance are available it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with some of the terms you will encounter. Please read the Glossary of Terms so that you will better understand the information provided.


ALL Financial Aid Recipients should READ the following:


All items are availabe in the East Central College Financial Aid Office.


  • FAFSA Instructions
  • Student Academic Progress Requirements
  • Federal Overpayment Policy Brochure
  • Student Aid Report
  • Award Letter(s) - A new award letter is posted to eCentral anytime a change is made to the scheduled award - award letters are NOT mailed
  • Class Schedule/Bill Information - Received at the time of enrollment
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