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Tuition and Fees

One of the major reasons for establishing East Central College was to provide a quality, low-cost education for residents of the area — and that is still the intention. Since the college is partially supported by district residents through property taxes, and by assistance from the state and federal government, the college is able to keep tuition and fees relatively low.


Students enrolling at East Central College shall be subject to the following schedule of tuition and fees. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by the Board of Trustees.


Tuition (effective Fall '14)

$76 per credit hour for in-district students

$111 per credit hour for out-of-district students

$168 per credit hour for out-of-state students

$181 per credit hour for international students


Please refer to the following charts:    Tuition and Fees-Effective Fall 2014



General Fees  (effective Summer '14)

Student Activity fee  -- $5.50 PCH

Support Services Fee -- $3.50 PCH

Technology fee  -- $5.00 PCH

Facilities Fee - $5.00 PCH


Transcript Fee -- $6.25 per transcript; $15.00 additional for rush pick up orders


Required Special Fees

Spring Semester 2015



District Residency

The East Central College District includes six public K-12 school districts: Crawford County R-1 (Bourbon), New Haven, St. Clair R-13, Sullivan C-2, Union R-11 and Washington; as well as four public K-8 districts: Franklin County R-2, Lonedell R-14, Spring Bluff R-15 and Strain-Japan R-16. Only residents of the district are eligible for the in-district tuition rate. A resident of the ECC district is:

  • A dependent student whose parents or legal guardians have established residence within the district; or
  • An independent student (adult student or emancipated minor) who has established residence within the district prior to enrollment in the College.

Residency Change

A student may be required to submit proof of his or her legal residence. Questions concerning residency should be directed to the Registrar's Office.  Students must provide additional documentation prior to the beginning of the semester.


Payment of Tuition and Fees

All checks and money orders should be made payable to East Central College. Payment may be made by Discover, VISA or MasterCard, or you may set up a payment plan by contacting the Business Office. If you are receiving financial aid, you must contact the ECC Financial Aid office before due date of fees.


Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver

Tuition will be waived for any Missouri resident who is 65 years of age or older on or before August first of a school year for college credit courses on a space available basis.  Proof of eligibility will be required when registering.  Courses must be taken on an audit basis, contingent on space availability, and all course prerequisites must be met prior to registration.  General fees and special course fees are not included in the Senior Citizens Waiver.  The Senior Citizens Waiver does not apply to courses offered only on a non-credit basis or programs offered through educational partners.  Senior citizens may begin registering three weeks prior to the start of the semester.


Senior Citizen Waiver Form


Fee Refunds

ECC Refund Policy
(effective Fall Semester 2007)


In a sixteen week semester, students who withdraw from a course during the first seven (7) calendar days will receive 100% refund of tuition and fees paid. Students withdrawing between the 8th and 14th calendar days of the full semester will receive a 75% refund of tuition and fees. Students withdrawing between the 15th and 21st calendar days of the full semester will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be made after the 21st calendar day of the semester.


Procedure for Withdrawing from All Classes
The student must complete and submit a Withdrawal Request form. The forms are available at Registration and the extension offices in Rolla and Sullivan. The student must submit the completed form to Registration by the appropriate deadline to be eligible for any refund. A withdrawal form is not considered official until it has been received and processed in Registration.


Procedure to Change (Drop/Add) Class Schedule
The student must complete and submit a Petition for Change in Official Program form to Registration or drop/add the class via eCentral if a username and password have been issued. There is a $5 non-refundable charge for each dropped class once fees are due. The forms are available at Registration and the extension offices in Rolla and Sullivan. The student must submit their changes to Registration by the appropriate deadline to be eligible for any refund.



Financial Aid Recipients

Federal financial aid recipients are required to earn their financial aid by attending and completing classes. Students who withdraw from all classes or stop attending classes will have their federal financial aid award(s) recalculated and adjusted, in accordance with the Return of Title IV Funds Policy. This recalculation may result in the requirement for ECC and the student to return financial aid to the government. Additionally, the student may owe a balance to ECC for charges previously paid for with financial aid. Please inquire about this policy in the Financial Aid Office if you are considering withdrawing from all classes.


Other Refund Information:
Refund deadlines are prorated for courses operating on a schedule different than the regular sixteen week semester, e.g. summer, late start, intersession, etc. All procedures for schedule changes or withdrawals apply. Failure to attend classes does not constitute a schedule change or withdrawal and does not entitle the student to a refund. Refunds for online courses and courses with arranged meeting times will follow the full semester deadlines. The date on which the student enrolls does not determine the refund period. Refunds will be mailed to students at the end of the refund period.


Refund Appeals
In the event of extenuating circumstances and with proper documentation, a partial or total refund may be granted. A confidential committee consisting of college administrators will review refund requests on a case by case basis. Students may appeal through the Office of the Vice President of Student Development.

Refund Deadlines

Refund Deadlines      

2015 Spring

16 Weeks


2015 Spring

(less than 16 weeks)

Last date to withdraw and receive 100% refund:       Jan. 20, 2015   See "Other Refund Information" above  
Last date to withdraw and receive 75% refund:     Jan. 27, 2015    
Last date to withdraw and receive 50% refund:    

Feb. 3,  2015

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