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Line of Authority/
Contingency Ops Committee


II. Line of Authority

The ranking person in authority, on the basis of his/her best judgment, will take immediate action in situations where necessary. The ranking person will then notify the president and the college relations director as soon as possible for coordination of communication, both internal and external.

The following line of authority will be in effect:

Day Hours 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

1. College President

2. Acting College President/Vice President of Instruction

3. Vice President as assigned

Evening Hours 4:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

1. Evening Services Specialist

Saturdays 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (when classes are in session)

1. Saturday Supervisor

Other Hours

1. Director of Facilities & Grounds

Contingency Operations Committee

A. Command Center - The command center will be the board room in Buescher Hall. The alternate location is the Green Room located on the lower level of the AC Building.

Personnel in the command center are responsible for bringing together the collection of information relating to conditions on campus resulting from the incident, coordinating and assigning response forces on campus with local public response agencies, and keeping campus emergency coordinator informed as the following events evolve.

1. Maintain an accurate log of events as they are reported and record specific response activities.

2. Gather information relevant to personal injuries, fatalities, building conditions, utility problems, etc.

3. Coordinate response to first aid needs from in-house or outside providers as available.

4. Communicate with campus emergency coordinator as to campus conditions on a continual basis.

5. Coordinate in-house rescue and remediation efforts.

6. Coordinate efforts for sustained mass care for citizens if requested.

7. Communicate with public response agencies as appropriate.


B. Campus Emergency Coordinator - President or an authorized representative:

The Campus Emergency Coordinator will have overall responsibility in the event of activation of the plan. The emergency coordinator's major responsibilities are to:

1. Decide on action to be taken in handling emergency or disaster relative to students, personnel, property, campus operations, communications, and public information.

2. Coordinate overall emergency action.

3. Contact appropriate college personnel to report to the command center:

a. President's Office:


Vice President, Instruction

Vice President, Student Development

Facilities & Grounds Director

b. Public Relations Director

Executive Assistant

The director of public relations will attend to reporters and media, making facilities available to them where they may congregate to receive pertinent information from the college concerning events as they occur.


C. Vice President, Instruction

The vice president, instruction will act in a roving,trouble shooting capacity, reporting back to the command center.

More specifically,

1. Police the disaster areas.

2. Safeguard life and college property.


D. Vice President, Student Development

Acting through the command center, the vice president, student development will:

1. Provide information and accountability of students as requested by authorized persons and as accessible at the time of the request. Such information may include acquired medical data.

2. Contact a student's designated nearest relative in the event of injury or special circumstances resulting from an emergency included under this plan.

3. Maintain an accurate log of events as they are reported.

4. Receive information on conditions on campus.

5. Provide advice regarding students, staff buildings, classes and operation from information obtained.

6. Assist in making decisions relating to resumption of normal activities.

7. Prepare information for release to public relations director.

8. Refer inquiries from concerned parties in the community to the public relations director.


E. Human Resources Director

Acting through the command center, the human resources director is responsible for serving as a liaison with law enforcement. The human resources director's major responsibilities are to:

1. Alert neighboring agencies for possible assistance and seek additional outside help after conferring with the emergency coordinator.

a. Alert ambulance service, if necessary.

b. Alert Union Fire Department, if necessary.

c. Alert Union Police Department, if necessary.

d. Alert Missouri State Highway Patrol, if necessary.

e. Alert hospitals of emergency, if necessary.

f. Alert in coordination with facilities & grounds director, utility companies, if necessary.

2. Route traffic and fire fighting equipment as necessary. Allow only emergency equipment and members of authority onto the campus.

3. Control traffic in and out of the campus, permit only authorized personnel to enter the campus.

4. Police all campus boundaries, control passage of personnel and vehicles through roadblocks.

5. Identify college personnel against whom legal action may be taken, whenever identification seems appropriate.

6. Notify immediate families of injured employees.


F. Facilities & Grounds Director

Acting through the command center, the facilities & grounds director is responsible for emergency action on the campus, reducing immediate and potential hazards and minimizing damage. Major responsibilities are to:

1. Contact physical plant personnel as necessary.

2. Along with the vice president, student development, depending upon the emergency, authorize evacuation of campus, if necessary.

3. Advise maintenance supervisor of maintenance and utility requirements, safety concerns and requirements.

4. Keep the president (campus emergency coordinator) or an authorized representative informed of activities taking place.

5. Oversee rescue operations.

6. Direct the cutting off of necessary utilities.

7. Provide food and lodging when required.

8. Assist in directing return of campus to normal operations.

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