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This document describes procedures to be followed and identifies college personnel who will carry out these steps. This plan is intended to minimize the effects of a disaster or emergency by prompt treatment of injuries, prevention of further injuries, evacuation of injured, reduction of property damage and providing for continuity and expeditious resumption of normal operations.



This plan is activated when a situation occurs that threatens students, personnel or facilities of the college with injury or damage.


The plan can be self activating or activated by the college president or designee(s).


Self activating: disaster has occurred and damage and destruction are apparent. The responders identified will immediately report to the campus emergency coordinator (college president or designee, see pg. i for line of authority), receive instructions and initiate disaster responses.


The major focus of this response plan is to prepare the college staff to quickly.....

  1. Establish and maintain order and provide leadership

  2. Provide immediate assistance for injured

  3. Assess injuries and damage to facilities

  4. Control hazardous conditions

  5. Provide for orderly evacuation and shutdown (if necessary)

  6. Secure damaged areas

  7. Provide and manage citizen relocation center

  8. Provide information to media as to situations on campus resulting from the


  9. Prepare for resumption of normal services as soon as possible



A disaster is a major event that results in loss of life, property, etc., which has caused disruption of all or most campus operations, such as:





An emergency is generally an unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action which has caused disruption of operations of a building or limited area of the campus, such as:

  Escaping toxic or flammable gas, riot, campus utility failures - water, gas, or

  electric, explosion/bomb threat, hostage situations, injury(ies) or medical situation

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