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VI.      Tornado


When weather conditions indicate that a tornado is possible, the President or the designated administrator in charge will monitor weather reports and stay informed regarding the need to implement the tornado emergency procedure.  During evening hours this responsibility is delegated to the Night Administrator or the designated administrator on duty for evening hours.  Notice of a tornado warning will be given verbally on a room-by-room basis by college personnel.


When a warning is given, college staff and students are advised to take shelter in ground floor rooms away from windows.



Recommended locations include:


Buescher Hall:                                                 First Floor Interior Section 

                                                                       Interior Stairways

                                                                       Rooms with No Windows           


Multipurpose Building:                                       Lower Level Away From Glass

                                                                        Locker Rooms


AC Building:                                                     Lower Level Hallway

                                                                        Interior Ground Floor

                                                                        Green Room, Dressing Rooms


CC Building:                                                     First Floor Hallway

                                                                        First Floor Rest Rooms

                                                                        Rooms 104 and 124


BC Building:                                                    Classrooms:  BC 138 and 143


HS Building                                                     Lower Level Hallway


ECTC:                                                             Center Hallway Away From Glass


ECC-Sullivan:                                                  Center Hallway Away From Glass


ECC-Washington:                                             Back Hallway Away From Glass



Students and personnel in the Maintenance Buildings should vacate those buildings and take shelter in one of the five main campus buildings, if there is time.


Students and personnel outside at the ball diamonds and soccer fields should be instructed to come indoors to one of the five main campus buildings by the Bookstore Manager.


After the tornado:

  • Do not light fires or smoke in the event of leaking gas.
  • Do not touch fallen electrical wire.  Move away from all electrical wires; if they are energized or re-energized, they may move about in whip-like fashion.
  • Do not enter buildings until they have been checked for structural damage.


Remember that the problems are so varied and unpredictable that absolute plans are impossible.  On-the-spot decisions will be necessary, and close attention and adherence should be given to emergency and police officials.


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