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Student Conduct Code

Students and student organizations are required to observe the policies of the college district and the laws of the city, state and federal governments, and to conduct their affairs in such a manner compatible with the educational objectives of the college. Misconduct for which students are subject to discipline falls into the following categories:

  1. Failure to adhere to the college's Academic Honor Code.
  2. Forgery, alteration, or misuse of college documents, records or identification.
  3. Obstruction or disruption of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures or other college activities, including authorized public service functions or other authorized activity.
  4. Physical or verbal abuse, i.e. sexual harassment, of any person on college-owned or controlled property or at college-sponsored or supervised functions, or conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
  5. Theft or damage to property of the college, a member of the college staff, a college student, or a campus visitor.
  6. Unauthorized entry to or use of college facilities.
  7. Violation of state laws and published college regulations, disorderly conduct, breach of peace and aiding or inciting another to breach the peace, or infringement upon the rights of others either on college-owned or controlled property or at college sponsored or supervised functions.
  8. Use of, being under the influence of, possession of, or distribution of alcohol or illegal drugs, such as marijuana and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on campus or at college-sponsored functions, except as expressly permitted by law.
  9. Failure to identify one's self when requested by college officials or failure to comply with directions of college officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  10. Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other weapons on campus or at college-sponsored activities except as permitted by law and college regulations.
  11. Gambling on college-owned or controlled property or at college-sponsored or supervised functions.
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