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Transcript Request FAQ


Q: How do I request a transcript?

A: Current and former students may request a transcript on our web site, . Scroll down to the bottom right corner on the home page, click on “TRANSCRIPT REQUEST”and then “click here”. This will take you to the online ordering link. You can also access the link through eCentral (Official Transcript Request-Payment Required). You will be required to type in either your East Central College student ID number OR your social security number to submit your request. You will also need to have a credit or debit card ready to make the payment. Transcripts cost $6.25 each.


Q: Can I print my transcript online?

A: Yes, you can print an advisement transcript online through eCentral (Unofficial Advisement Transcript-FREE). You need to know your login and password to do so.


Q: How long will it take to send my transcript?

A: Once the request has been received, it may take 1-3 business days to process.


Q: Can I pay for my transcript to be expedited?

A: No, we process transcripts in the order they are received. You may order a RUSH-Hold for Pick-up transcript for $21.25, which you may pick-up in the BH Lobby within 2 hours of your order.

Q: Is there a fee to request a transcript?

A: Yes, transcripts cost $6.25 each.


Q: What is the difference between official, and advisement transcripts?

A: An official transcript is printed on official transcript paper, signed by the Registrar, has the college seal, and is placed in a sealed envelope. Colleges and universities will require an official transcript to transfer credits in. An advisement transcript is printed on white paper and is typically used for advisement purposes.


Q: Can someone else request my transcript?

A: No, only the student may request their transcript in compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rightsand Privacy Act).


    • someone has Power of Attorneyfor that student 
    • the student is deceased

Supporting paperwork is required (Power of Attorney or death certificate).  It must be uploaded with the request. If you are not able to upload the required documents, please read the last question below.

Q: Can someone else pick up my transcript?

A: Yes, but ONLY IF you included the name of the person in the special requests section of your online transcript request. If this person has Power of Attorney, that information should also be included in the special requests section. Power of Attorney paperwork also must be shown atthe time of pick-up.The person picking up your transcript will be required to show a photo ID (driver’s license, or state ID).

Q: I want my current classes with grades to appear on my transcript; what do I do?

A: Request a grades posted transcript and include the semester (example 13/SP). The transcript will not be issued until final grades are posted for the semester.


Q: I want the degree I will earn at the end of the term to appear on my transcript. What do I do?

A: Request a degree posted transcript. The transcript will be issued once the degree has been posted at the end of that semester.


Q: How do I submit other documents that need to be sent with my transcript?


A: Up to 3 documents may be uploaded online through the request link. If you are not able to scan and upload your documents, you may fax them to 636-583-1897. If you fax the documents, you MUST include this information in the special instructions you submit with your online request so that we know to send the additional documents with your transcript!


Q: Can I pick up Hold for Pick-Up and RUSH Hold for Pick-Up transcripts at Rolla, Sullivan, Washington, or Warrenton?

A: NO! Transcripts may ONLY be picked up at the main campus (Union, MO). All official transcripts are printed in Union because that is the location of the Registrar’s Office.

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