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Employee Forms

Adjunct Absence Form

Adjunct Instructor Approval Form

Agreement for Equipment Located Off-Campus

Automatic Deposit Form

Benefits Summary

Cafeteria Plan (Flexible Spending) Claim Form

Cash Advance Form

Change of Information Form

Employee Acknowledgment Form

Employee Annual Goals

Employee Exit Form

Employee Report of Injury-Incident Form

Employee Report of Injury-Incident Form for Supervisor

Employee Guidelines - Worker's Compensation

Equipment Disposal Form

Equipment Transfer Form

Expense Reimbursement Form

Federal 2015 W4 Form

Grievance Form

HSA Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

Leave of Absence Form

Missouri 2015 W4 Form

MOU - Temporary Employee (Salary)

MOU - Temporary Employee (Hourly)

MOU - Contracted Services

MOU - Independent Contractor Analysis Form

New Employee Technology Request Form

PEERS Beneficiary Nomination

Performance Evaluation Form

Performance Improvement Plan

Personal Data Sheet

Personnel Requisition Form

PSRS Beneficiary Nomination

PSRS PEERS Address Change

PSRS PEERS Name Change Form

Request for Cell Phone Allowance

Request for Computer Access

Request for Student Worker

Salary Reduction Agreement - 403b

Salary Reduction Agreement - 457

Student Worker Separation Notification

Sexual Harassment Complaint Form

Shared Sick Leave Donation Form

Shared Sick Leave Participation Form

Supplemental Employment Request

Timesheet for AEL Employees

Timesheet for Federal Student Workers

Timesheet for Full Time Employees

Timesheet for Institutional student workers

Timesheet for Part Time Employees

Timesheet Tutorial Video for Student Workers (April 2015)

Tuition Reimbursement Request Form

Tuition Waiver Request Form

Witness Report of Incident


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