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Employee Wellness

Wellness at ECC

Wellness Screening:

2015 Wellness Screening Guide




Hypertension - Weldon James, M.D.

Diabetes And Your Health - Weldon James, M.D.

Weldon James, M.D. Information

Heart Attack Risk Assessment Tool



Employe Assitance Program 

Employee Assistance Program - FAQ

New Directions EAP - Presentation



Health and Wellness Programs

2015 Spring Walking Challenge

2015 Spring Walking Challenge Payroll Deduction Form



Monthly Wellness Topic


December Wellness Topic:

Health topic-Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease

Brain Awareness


January Wellness Topic:

Health Topic-Glaucoma

Vision Care-Eye Exams


February Wellness Topic:

Health Topic-American Heart Month

Cholesterol and Your Heart Health

Heart Failure - Low Sodium and Salt Diet

Heart Failure Checklist

Managing your heart failure


March Wellness Topic:

Health Topic-Dental Health Month

Health Topic-Nutrition Month

Change Diet to Lower Cholesterol

Healthy eating for healthy children

Healthy snacks for healthy kids

How to read a food label




Men's Preventive Screening

Women's Preventive Screening

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Video

Metabolic Syndrome

Counseling Resources - Main Campus

Counseling Resources - Rolla Campus


Smoking Cessation

Preparing to Quit

Thinking About Quitting

TrestleTree Smoking Cessation Flyer

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