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The Public Relations Office continually works to strengthen the relationship between East Central College and the public, striving to increase awareness and understanding of ECC, enhance its image and increase its visibility. The office is the connection between the college, its constituents and external audiences.

Another important function of the Office of Public Relations is planning and executing the college's overall marketing strategies. The office's activities (media relations, communications, graphic design, publications, marketing, advertising and photography) strive to give an honest portrayal of the college in order to generate support for the college, interest among prospective students and a foundation for the college to build upon.

Public Relations is always willing to assist departments and groups with outreach efforts by providing necessary marketing material.  In that sense, we’ve created a process to provide the material in a timely manner by providing guidelines for marketing material requests.

If a group or individual requires college marketing material (i.e. poster, flyer, postcard) for an event or program, please allow for a minimum of 30 days to receive a proof of requested material.  A reminder to allow a few days for proofing and printing and possibly weeks to distribute the material prior to the event or program. 


Complete the attached form and other necessary information and send to:


If there is a circumstance where a third party designs the material send the file to and allow for 5 working days for review and potential editing of the material.


The Public Relations Office is located on the second floor of Buescher Hall, Rooms 245 and 246. 


Dot Schowe,  Director of Public Relations

Phone: 636-584-6507

Cell: 636-584-1261



Alex Hodschayan, Graphic Designer




Fax:  636-583-6637


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