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Mrs. Amy Abel

Ace Manufacturing & Security

Debra Ahart

Ms. Carol Aholt

Alferman Electric Co. Inc.

Ameren Missouri-Franklin District

American Legion Post 218

Mr. Jerry T. Amoloza

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Aramburu

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Archibald

Ms. Grace Austin

Ms. Nina Averbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ayres

Ms. Lorrie Baird

Dr. and Mrs. Donald L. Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Baker

Bank of Franklin County

Bank of Sullivan

Bank of Washington

Ms. Elizabeth Barkey

Ms. Linda Barro

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bartle

Dr. and Mrs. C. Jon Bauer

Mr. Daniel Baumstark

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bean

Ms. Kathryn Becker

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Bennett

Mr. and Mrs. John Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Berger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Betz

Ms. Heidi Betz

Ms. Natalie Betz

Mrs. Judy Bieker

Mr. Matthew Biffignani

Mrs. Dixie Blatt

Mr. Terry Blaylock and Ms. Jennifer Chitwood

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bocklage

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bodart

Ms. Ann Boehmer

Ms. Linda Booher

Book Sales

Dr. Barry Bookout

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bounds

Mr. and Mrs. William Bourdon

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Bouse

Dr. Parvadha Govindaswamy

Brautigam Implement Co.

Brewer Science Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brown

Mr. and Mrs. V. Dean Brown

Mr. Justin Browne

Mr. and Mrs. Winston Brunjes

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bruns

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buescher

Bugsy's On Main

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Buschling

Ms. Kathy Cancienne

Central Federal Savings and Loan Association

Central Methodist University CG Power Systems USA Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. David Chalk

Citizens Bank of New Haven

City of Hermann

Ms. Elizabeth Clary

Clemco Industries Corp.

Capt. Carl Cochran Retired

Cochran Engineering & Surveying

Major and Mrs. Donald Cognata

Ms. Rosemary Colley

Ms. Angela Collins

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Ms. Sandy Conley

Ms. Amanda Cook

Mrs. Judy Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Randy Copeland

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cowan

CPR Stores

Dr. and Mrs. John Crane

Ms. Paula Dace

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Daus

The Honorable and Mrs. Lawrence Davis

Mr. Miguel deAguero

Ms. Angie Deaton

DF Ingredients Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dill

Mrs. Melanie Dixon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dobsch

Downtown Washington Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Durchholz

Dutchmen Band Boosters

Ms. Janice Dysart

Captain and Mrs. Robert Eade

Mr. and Mrs. James Eaton

ECC Classified Staff Association

ECC Faculty Association

ECC Professional Staff Association

ECC Student Senate

Mr. James Eckelkamp

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Eckelkamp Jr.

Mrs. Marilyn Eckelkamp

Ms. Susan Eckelkamp

Ms. Pamela Edgington

Mrs. Megan Elbert

Electro-Core Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Elliott


Ms. Kamealya Farrell

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Feldmann

Mrs. Kendra Fennessey

Fidelity Communications

Mrs. Deanne Fiedler

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Filla

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finck

First State Community Bank

Mr. Thomas Fitts

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Fleming

FMC Corporation

Franklin County Concrete Co.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Freiermuth

French Gerleman

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Frick Jr.

Ms. Bonnie Gardner

Ms. Catherine Garner

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garrison

Gary R. Lucy Gallery

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Gerstein

G.H. Tool & Mold Inc.

Jill and Matt Gildehaus

Mr. Henry Gordon

Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Graves

Great 8 Cinema

Ms. Annette Green

Mr. and Mrs. John Griesheimer

Mr. Lance Griffin

Mr. and Mrs. H. Benji Grimes

Dr. and Mrs. David Groenke

Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Grus


Mr. and Mrs. David Hall

Mr. Robert Hansen

Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Hartley

Mr. and Mrs. James Hartmann

Mrs. Wendy Hartmann

Col and Mrs. Walter Hatcher

Mrs. Ina Hays

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hazel

Hazel Investments L.P.

Mrs. Kay Hazel

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Hebbeler

Mrs. Stephanie Hebert

Mr. Valentine Heigl

Mrs. June Heimbaugh

Ms. Pamela Heitzmann

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Henderson

Heritage Community Bank

Ms. Theresa Hermann

Dr. Karen Herzog

Ms. Letha Hickinbotham

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hickinbotham

Ms. Judy Highfill

Mrs. Rosemary Hirschl

Hochschild Bloom & Company LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Hodapp

Mrs. Micki Hoffman

Ms. Shirley Hofstetter

Mrs. Frankie Jo Hogan

Holiday Inn at Six Flags

Ms. Mary Hopp

The Honorable and Mrs. David Hoven

Dr. Yue Wern Huang

Ms. Kay Hucke

Ms. Elaine Hutson

Mrs. Mary Beth Huxel

Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jackson

Mrs. Lisa D. Jacob

Jasper Development

Mrs. Cindy Johanning

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johns

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson

Ms. Terri Johnson

Johnstone Supply Company

Drs. Tim and Jennifer Judd

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kackley

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kappelmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kavanagh

Dr. William Kellermann

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kellmann

Mr. Dan Kern


Mr. and Mrs. Michael Klak

Mr. and Mrs. Armin Klemme

Ms. Karen Klos

Mr. Richard Knudsen

Reverend and Mrs. Kenneth Knutson

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Koelling

Mrs. Karen Koenig-Griffin


Ms. Leigh Kolb

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kreutz

Ms. Jennifer Kuchem

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kuenzel

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kurka

Mrs. Karen Ladd

Ms. Mary Lais

The Honorable and Mrs. Isadore Lamke

Mr. Kelly Landolt

Ms. Stacy Langan

Mr. Howard Langenberg

Ms. Rosalie Laune

Beta Sigma Phi Laureate

Mr. Eric Lawrence

Lawrence Group Inc.

Mrs. Alice Lefholz

Legends Bank

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leifeld

Leroy A. Strubberg & Associates Inc.

Mr. Marvin Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lohden

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Long

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lucy

Mr. and Mrs. W. Leslie Mades

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Mahon

Mrs. Elizabeth Manhart

Ms. Shannon Manzanilla

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Marquart

Mrs. Joyce Martin

Ms. Mary Kim Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin

Mr. Patrick Mathews

Matt Tobben Insurance Agency Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mauntel

Mrs. Jean McCann

McDonald's Klak Management

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Means

Medical Arts Pharmacy

Dr. Jay Mehrhoff

Ms. Elaine Menke

Ms. Anne Mentz

Mercy Hospital Washington

Ms. Betty Mergelmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Merkel

Ms. Doris Meyer

Mrs. Janice Meyer

Ms. Jeanette Meyer

Ms. Debra Michel

Mid Missouri Fine Arts Society

Mr. Timothy G. Mika

Mr. and Mrs. David Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Francis Joseph Miller

Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Sr.

Ms. Lisa Milleson

Missouri Baptist Hospital

Missouri Natural Gas Co.

Missourian Publishing Company

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Mitchell

Dr. and Mrs. Jack Montgomery

Ms. Kathy Moore

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Muir

Mrs. Delores Musket

Ms. Judith Neeley

Mrs. Fatemeh Nichols

Mr. Vincent Niehaus

Ms. Twila Noe

Mr. Larry Noelke

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Noelker

OakGlenn Winery

Mrs. Carrol Ocsody

Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Oliver

Oltmann Funeral Homes Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William Orr

Paramount Apparel International

Mrs. Donna Park

Mr. Eric Park

Mr. Bradley Parker

Mrs. Dorothy Parker

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Ms. Ruth Parker

Parmentier Auto Body Inc.

Ms. Christy Parmentier

Mr. and Mrs. George Parmentier

Ms. Mary Pecka

Mrs. Wendy Pecka

Mr. Jerome Peirick

Peoples Savings Bank

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of N.H.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Perry

Mrs. Gretchen Pettet

Phelps County Bank

Ms. Vallys Pilliod

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pollinger

Mrs. Megen Poynter

Dr. Pat Prugh

The Quality Coach

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Redhage

Mr. and Dr. Douglas Reed

Ms. Rosann Reed

Regional Credit Services Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rettke

Rexam Containers

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ridder

Ms. Ruth Rinne

Mr. Shaun Roberson

Robller Vineyard & Winery

Mr. Christopher Roller

Mr. Jay Roloff

Ms. Kathleen Rust

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sachs

Mr. and Mrs. Arnie Sallaberry

Mrs. Carol Sammet

Mrs. Earlaine Sandoval

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schaefer

Ms. Sherri Schaefer

Mr. Carl Schaeperkoetter

Ms. Rebecca Schantz

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Schindewolf

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schlump

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. John Schneider

Mrs. Dorothy Schowe

Schroeder Drug Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz

Reverend and Mrs. William Schwab

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schwane

SCI Engineering Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sedlock

Septavian Distributing

Ms. Kim Smith

Ms. Kathryn Spore

St. Clair Health Mart Pharmacy

St. Clair Rotary Club

Mr. Keith Stahlman

State Farm Insurance

State Farm Ins. Agency Inc.

State Farm Insurance Companies

Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Stevenson

Ms. Carol Stieffermann

Ms. Sandy Stierberger

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stokes

Ms. Mary Jo Straatmann

Mr. and Mrs. James Strubberg

Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Strubberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Stuckenschneider

Mr. Kevin Stumpe

Summit Distributing

Mrs. Mary Szwargulski

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tappmeyer

Mrs. Marvis Templer

Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Tobben

Ms. Judi Turk

Union Eye Associates

United Bank of Union

University Book and Supply

Unnerstall and Unnerstall CPA

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Unnerstall

US Bank

Ms. Kathryn Van Der Kamp

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Van Leer

Mr. William Verdine

VFW post 2661 Honor Guard

Ms. Rebecca Voelkerding

Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Voss

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vrlenich

W & M Restaurants Inc. dba Taco Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Walker

Mr. and Mrs. Gene Walker

Mr. Brad Wallach

Mrs. Robyn Walter

Ms. Kathleen Ward

Mrs. Susan Warden

Washington Chiropractic Clinic

Washington Jaycees

Ms. Patsy Watts

Ms. Brittany Watz

Ms. Patricia Webb

Weber Enterprises Inc.

Ms. Jean Weekley

Mrs. Tammy Weinhold

Mrs. Tracie Welsh

Mrs. Roberta Weseman

West Brothers

Col. and Mrs. William West

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whalen

Mrs. Marcia Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. William Whitacre

Mrs. Karen Wieda

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wildhaber

Ms. Mary Wilding

Ms. Judith Wildt

Mr. Dale Winters

Mrs. Carolyn Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wolterman

Mrs. Jeanne Wood

Word of Life Worship Center

Mr. and Mrs. James Wyman

Zick Voss Politte & Richardson PC

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