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Priority Deadlines: Students who submit their Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) and requested documentation on or before the following priority deadlines, and are eligible to receive benefits, will be held in classes. All documents must be received by the financial aid office no later than:


Fall:  July 1 ST

Spring:  December 1 ST

Summer:  May 1 ST


After Priority Deadlines: Students who submit their Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) after the above priority deadlines should set up a payment plan with the Business Office to insure that their classes will not be cancelled on the day fees are due.  Students should allow 4-6 weeks for the processing of financial aid applications.

Unusual Circumstances

Although the process of determining a student's eligibility for federal student aid is standardized, there is some flexibility.

If you or your family has unusual circumstances (such as loss of employment) that might affect your need for student financial aid, submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and then consult with the East Central College Office of Financial Aid. Conditions that can be taken into consideration are:

  1. Loss of employment
  2. Change in employment
  3. Loss of benefits
  4. Unusually high medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance
  5. Elementary or secondary school tuition
  6. Separation/Divorce
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