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Placement Test FAQs


What is the purpose of placement testing?


By measuring the skills of the incoming class, ECC is able to place students in coursework that is appropriate to their academic abilities in reading, English, and mathematics.



What assessment tool will be used?


ECC uses College Board's Accuplacer Test. Sample questions and information about how the test works can be found at

ECC also has testing resources available at



What do students need to bring to the Accuplacer Test?


Students should bring a photo id, such as a driver's license, state issued id card, or school id card. Scrap paper and pencils will be provided by the testing staff.



Where do students need to go to take the Placement Test?


Students have a choice when it comes to testing locations. Upcoming test dates are listed here.



How long will the placement test take?


The Accuplacer is a computer adaptive test, which means that students will finish at different times based on how they answer questions on the test. Typically, students will finish the test between the second and third hour.



To register for testing, switch dates, or ask a question, students should contact the Admissions Office at or 636-584-6563.



Walkins are not available. Students must pre-register with the Admissions Office.

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