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VIII. Bomb Threat

If any kind of threatening telephone call is received by faculty or staff personnel (bomb threat, etc.) the procedure below should be followed:

A. Do not take the message yourself unless absolutely necessary. Transfer the call to any of the following College personnel during normal daytime hours: President, Vice President, Curriculum & Instruction, Vice President, Student Services, Vice President, Finance & Administration, Facilities & Grounds Director, Human Resources Director

During evening hours when classes are in session, contact: Evening Supervisor

B. If you must take a threatening message attempt to get specific information.

If you receive a bomb threat by phone, try to ascertain the following information and write it down:

1. The time the call was received.

2. The time the caller hung up.

3. Did the call initiate within or outside the college.

4. Description of the caller such as sex, accent, age, name.

5. Background noises.

6. Exact words used by caller.

Ask the caller:

1. Where is the bomb right now?

2. What kind of explosive was used: TNT, black powder?

3. How will the device go off: clock, heat?

4. What time will the threat by carried out?

5. What does the bomb look like?

6. Why did they place the bomb?

Relay all of this information to the administrator you reach.


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