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X. Illness/Injury Emergency Procedures

The procedures below should be followed for persons who may need emergency attention while on the East Central College campus:

A. If the injury or illness appears acute, call an ambulance immediately. If the switchboard is open (weekdays), dial «0» for the campus operator and the operator will make the call. If the switchboard is closed (evenings, weekends), dial «911» using a pay phone or «9-911» using a campus phone. The following information should be provided:

1. a general description of the injury or illness,

2. an exact location where the emergency vehicle should locate, according to the attached map [letter or number], and

3. answers to any questions from emergency personnel.

After an ambulance has been called, notify security personnel at extension 6365 or cell 636-368-2183.

B. If assistance is needed for either a minor or acute injury or illness during regular weekday hours, the director of counseling (ext. 6576) should be contacted. If the director of counseling is not available, the registrar (ext. 6551) should be contacted. In the evening, the evening supervisor (ext. 6699) or security personnel (ext. 6365 or cell 636-368-2183) should be contacted. On weekends, the security personnel should be contacted. After the emergency has been addressed, the vice president for student services and vice president for curriculum & instruction should be notified of the situation by the appropriate staff member.

C. The director of counseling (weekdays), evening supervisor (evenings), or security personnel/staff member (weekends) should contact the parent, guardian, or spouse of any person with an acute injury or illness and inform them of what action has been taken by college personnel.

D. In all cases, an emergency report should be forwarded by the staff member most closely involved in the emergency to the director of counseling, who will forward a copy of the report to the director of facilities and grounds. The director of facilities and grounds will inform the appropriate personnel. Forms to report student emergencies are available from the secretary to the vice president for student services (ext. 6565) and forms to report employee emergencies are available from human resources (ext. 6710).

E. In all cases, caution should be exercised not to do anything that might aggravate the condition of the injured or ill person.

NOTE: Instructors are encouraged to include in their course syllabi or class introductions a statement inviting students to share with them privately any existing medical conditions of which the instructor should be aware.

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