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Implementation of Plan


III. Implementation of Plan


A. Actions

  1. If self activated, the person activating the Contingency Operations Plan will:

      a. Contact the campus emergency coordinator.

      b. Provide the following initial assessment:

         (1) Nature and location of emergency/disaster

         (2) Whether persons have been injured

         (3) Extent of property damage

         (4) Disaster potential

      c. Use the telephone only to report an emergency. Use a portable radio to get

         the latest emergency public information, but wisely conserve batteries.

         Monitor: KLPW-AM (1220 Khz.), KTUI-AM (1560 Khz.), KTUI-FM

         (102.1 Mhz.), KSLQ-AM (1350 Khz.), KSLQ-FM (104.5 Mhz.), KGNV

         (89.9 Mhz.). If no local station survives, monitor KMOX-AM (1120 Khz.)

         or another St. Louis area station.

  2. If a person has been named in this plan or assigned a part in it, perform as

      required. Volunteers should report to the office area outside of the command

      center or administrative building for instructions.


B. Emergency Alarm System

The signaling of a fire alarm will direct immediate evacuation of the buildings.

When directing employees and students to an assembly area, care should be taken to avoid potentially hazardous areas.

All personnel are required to remain out of the building area until instructed to do otherwise by personnel in charge.


C. Emergency reference information:

  1. Listing of all necessary maintenance people to contact. (Page ii)

  2. Utilities cut-off locations on the campus. (Pages 36-43))

  3. Listing and location of all First Aid Supplies. (Appendix 4)

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