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Q: What exactly is ECC Alert?  


A: ECC Alert is East Central College’s connection to e2Campus, a universal notification system created by Omnilert, that allows designated administrators to send time-sensitive messages to the mobile devices, email, and/or phones of their subscribers (students, faculty, staff and others). In the event of an emergency, subscribers can get notified immediately of the situation, wherever they are geographically.



Q: What is a universal notification system?


A: A universal notification system is defined as a platform to deliver a notification to an entire audience by all means necessary; therefore creating universal coverage to increase the odds that a particular subscriber received the notification in a timely manner.



Q: What is a notification?


A: A notification is defined as a form of communication that delivers descriptive information about news or an event, unlike a bell or siren that communicates little information.



Q: When will ECC Alert be used?


A: The college has created a well-defined set of situations that would prompt an ECC Alert.

Here are some examples of when the service would be used:

  • Severe weather. A closing or late start due to snow/ice, flooding or a threat from a tornado requiring those to take shelter.
  • Safety threats in which an armed or dangerous person is at large on or near campus.
  • Major facility emergencies or evacuations, such as fire.



Q: How do I sign up for ECC Alert?


A: If you are a student, faculty or staff member (or someone with a connection to the college) please click the "Signup" link and enter your information.  Your registration in ECC Alert is for two years.  You may opt out at any time.  When the two year mark approaches, you'll receive a reminder if you want to resubscribe.



Q: Do I need to install software and/or hardware in order to utilize ECC Alert?


A: NO. ECC Alert is a 100% web-based software system, so you do not need any additional software or hardware. All you need is a web browser with an Internet connection and you are up and running! Look at ECC Alert as a Public Safety "Utility" – always on and ready for action.



Q: If I sign up for ECC Alert and change my mind, how do I Opt-Out (remove myself) from receiving messages?


A: Just go to After logging in (it's at the bottom of the page) you’ll be at the e2Campus dashboard. Just click on “Services” and you can opt-out of one particular group or the entire service.



Q: Will this cost me anything?


A: The college will not charge a subscriber fee. However, depending on your wireless carrier provider and the plan you have, you may be charged for SMS/text messages .



Q: Will my contact information be shared with anyone?


A: No, the contact information you provide is for emergency purposes only. This system enforces a ZERO SPAM policy which clearly prohibits unsolicited messages. ECC WILL NOT release the contact information of our subscribers to third party marketers .



Q: Can family members subscribe to ECC Alert?


A: At this time our subscription allows family members or others involved with the campus community to sign up for alerts.



Q: I have questions about ECC Alert.  Who can I contact?


A: Email your questions to



Q: What other means does East Central College have to provide emergency information?


A: ECC Alert is just one of the communication channels used in the event of an emergency.

East Central College has a variety of ways to communication emergency information. The most common are:

  • Radio stations in Franklin, Warren, Crawford and Phelps Counties as well as KMOX radio in St. Louis
  • St. Louis television stations (for information related to ECC sites in Union, Washington, Warrenton and Sullivan) and Springfield television stations for ECC-Rolla.
  • The ECC home page ( )
  • Facebook  and  Twitter
  • ECC’s Emergency Hotline: 800-976-0071
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