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How to Become a Tutor

All Learning Center student workers are also tutors. Due to the nature of the position, our staff members are held to higher work and behavioral standards than the average student worker.


We are looking for self-motivated, enthusiastic, intelligent people who enjoy helping others to join our staff. To be a tutor you must have…

  • Faculty Recommendation.
  • At least a cumulative 3.0 GPA.
  • COMPLETED the courses you wish to tutor with a B or better. 

Additionally, a tutor is expected to be…

  • Responsible
  • Punctual
  • Adaptable
  • Cooperative
  • Professional in appearance and conduct


Tutors are approved for work study through the Financial Aid Office. To be eligible for work study, you must:

  • Be enrolled in 6 hours or more during the semester you are working.
  • Have completed the FAFSA form and have completed financial aid file (transcripts in, etc.)
  • Not be on financial aid suspension.
  • Have completed a Work Study Application and Human Resources documents.
  • Not begin working until notification has been received from Human Resources.
  • Tutors are paid $7.35 per hour.



  • Students must be rehired for their positions each semester. Being hired once does not mean you will work indefinitely for a particular department/supervisor.
  • All positions will be hired based upon budget availability.
  • Tutors may work a maximum of 19.75 hours per week although the actual numbers of hours may vary.
  • All tutors are required to take the Peer Tutoring course as a condition of employment.


Steps to Become a Tutor

  1. Open and print the  Tutor Application or stop by The Learning Center to get one.
  2. Complete and turn it in at The Learning Center reception desk.  There are also Tutor Recommendation Forms included in the application. Ask a former employer, instructor, and/or someone who knows your academic and personal abilities very well to complete it. At least one of the recommendation forms must be from an instructor in the subject you wish to tutor. At the bottom of the form, he/she will be asked to return it to The Learning Center Associate Director in a sealed envelope.
  3. Your application will be reviewed by The Learning Center Associate Director and/or Director.
  4. If we are in need of tutors in your area of expertise, you will be called for an interview.
  5. After the interview, you will be evaluated on your potential as a TLC tutor.
  6. If the consensus is positive, you will be asked to become a TLC tutor.
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