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The Learning Center supports the mission of East Central College by providing services to students and faculty which facilitate instruction and learning, strengthen academic outcomes, and increase student retention. 


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The Learning Center on the main campus was created in the fall semester of 2001. The new center consolidated into one location the various learning support services that already had existed on campus. Previously, the English department had a writing center where students could get help with writing papers and the math department had a Testing Center/math lab, where students could get instant feedback and tutoring immediately following their math tests. In addition to tutoring, the Learning Center provided students with computer and internet access, testing services, a reading lab, and adaptive technology lab. At the time of its opening, the center employed five full-time specialists, as well as several part-time math specialists who worked in the testing center. A Director was hired the following year (2002) to oversee operations.


As usage of the Learning Center increased and services expanded, additional staff became necessary.  In 2010 a testing specialist was hired to handle scheduling and proctoring of the various standardized tests administered through the department and an Associate Director position was created to assist with supervision of student workers, campus orientation, and overall operations of the center.  Following an extensive remodeling project, The Learning Center moved into new space in Buescher Hall in August of 2011.

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