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The Learning Center Services

The Learning Center offers much more than math and English tutoring, we have 45 computers available for academic use, 2 group study rooms available by appointments, study groups, adaptive technology, headphones and calculators available to check out for use in The Learning Center, and the Testing Center.


To use these services you must log into our TutorTrac system. Logging in and out each time you enter The Learning Center is important for many reasons. One, it allows us to keep track of our busy times so we can hire the appropriate number of tutors. Two, it gives the students a way to communicate to staff any concerns they may have with the center. Three, it helps us justify the need for more services such as computers, space, and staff.


The Group Study Rooms are perfect for practicing group presentations, working on a group computer project as well as just studying. To make a reservation call 636/584-6688

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