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Testing Services

The Learning Center proctors and administers a number of different types of exams for current ECC students, future ECC students, and for the community. Look below for general policies and a list of the specific tests administered with instructions.


  • For all tests, you will need to bring a photo id such as an ECC student id, driver’s license, government id, or other photo id. Please be aware that there are some exams that require two forms of id.
  • Personal belongings including cell phones will not be allowed into the testing rooms. Lockers are available for secure storage during your test.
  • You must arrive at The Learning Center at least an hour before the center closes to take your exam. Test Distribution ends ONE HOUR prior to closing, no exceptions. The Learning Center will not remain open for you to finish your test.


Make-up exams and tests for online courses: For regular coursework, instructors may place make-up exams, retakes, or require that a test for an online course be taken in a secure environment at The Learning Center. Your instructor will let you know if you need to take an exam in the Learning Center. Your instructor will leave specific information about your test such as calculators, notes, and time that will be allowed. Anything that is brought into the testing room may be checked by Learning Center Specialists.


CLEP: Click here for information on the CLEP test.


Proctored Exam for another institution: At times, The Learning Center will agree to proctor an exam for another institution. The exam must be scheduled in advance and the policies of the other institution will be followed in addition to those of The Learning Center. Call 636-584-6124 for more information or to make an appointment. There will be a $20 administration fee for all proctored tests. It must be paid to the Cashier's Office prior to taking the exam.


CAAP:  The CAAP (Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency) involves two objective test subjects that are rotated each semester between Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Critical Thinking. The tests will be a requirement for select terminal courses. Each objective test takes approximately one hour.


WorkKeys: The Work Keys Test is required for all students receiving an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, Certificates of Specialization, Certificates of Acheivement, one-year certificate or two-year certificate. The objective test subjects given are: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. The test takes approximately three hours.There is no fee for graduating ECC students for the WorkKeys. You must sign up for the test by calling 636-584-6688.


Accuplacer: The Accuplacer is administered by The Learning Center, but it must be scheduled through Admissions.


Accuplacer Challenges: If you receive a score between 70-79 in the sentence skills or reading comprehension portion of the Accuplacer, you may challenge your placement in the Reading Comprehension course or Intro to Writing. There is no fee for a challenge. Call 636-584-6124 for an appointment.


Accuplacer Retakes:

  • Students are permitted to retake one portion of the ACCUPLACER placement test and can only retake that test once.
  • Students must sign up for a retake through the Admissions Office (636/584-6588) before making an appointment in the Testing Center. 
  • The cost of a retake is $15 payable to the Business Office.
  • There is practice for the test online.


CBASE: The last full CBASE for pre-education majors will be offered July 30, 2013.  The CBASE for retakes will only be offered September 20, 2013 and the last opportunity to pass all sections of the CBASE will be November 22, 2013.  For current East Central College students the fee is $45 payable to the Cashier's Office prior to the day of the test. One test only is covered by the Capstone course fee. For students not currently attending ECC, the cost is $65 also payable at the Cashier's Office. Receipts from the Cashier's Office must be shown prior to taking the exam. Reservations are accepted one month prior to the exam date by calling 636-584-6688.  In the case of a retake, please indicate which sections you will take when making a reservations.  There will be no refunds if you miss the exam and do not call before the exam. If you cannot make the date you scheduled the exam, call 636-584-6688.  In 2014, the MOGEA (Missouri General Education Assessment) will replace the CBASE.


GED: The Learning Center does not administer the GED exam. Please call 636-584-6588 for more information on signing up to take the test; 636-584-6532 for information on classes to prepare for the test.


ACT: The Learning Center does not administer the ACT. Go to the ACT website to register for a test.

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