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Drop-in tutoring or tutoring by appointment is available in English, math, computers, study skills, etc. If you have an appointment and arrive on time, you are guaranteed that ½ hour with a tutor. Drop-in session lengths (maximum of ½ hour per day) will be dependent on availability of tutors or specialists.


ECC students are our first priority, however our services are available to community members on a walk in basis, depending on availability.


How to prepare for a tutoring session?

  1. Go to class and take notes.
  2. Attempt your homework using text and class examples.Have a draft and/or outline of your paper.
  3. Write down concepts that you have questions about.


What to expect during a tutoring session?

  1. A tutor will meet with you for at most ½ hour so come with specific questions, your homework or paper, class notes, and textbook. We are here to help and you will not be graded or judged on your homework. The only stupid question is one not asked.
  2. Be ready to take an active role. Ask follow up questions. Take notes of comments on your paper.
  3. Do not expect the tutor to do your homework nor work through all your homework problems with you. Do not expect the tutor to write or edit your paper for grammar.


What to do after a tutoring session?

  1. Rework the problems or paper and attempt similar problems associated with the material you covered. You may stay and work in the Learning Center. Help may be available for a quick question.
  2. Write a summary of the session in your own words (supplement it with material from your notes).
  3. Follow the learning specialist’s advice and come to another session prepared to share what worked and what didn’t work.
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