MoDEC Wins MCCA Award of Distinction!

According to the Missouri Community College Association, MoDEC has made
significant contributions of time and resources that further the role and mission of the community college movement and is addressing a critical aspect of the communtity college mission. Congratulations to all who have contributed to the mission and success of MoDEC!

Welcome to MoDEC
The Missouri Developmental Education Consortium (MoDEC), a grassroots effort, was formed to assist in developing a framework for consistent approaches to developmental education in Missouri two-year colleges. Initiated in fall 2004, MoDEC has brought together developmental education professionals, including faculty, department chairs, institutional researchers, and administrators, from across the state’s thirteen public two-year colleges and the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

MoDEC provides a statewide forum for the study and discussion of issues in developmental education and serves as a liaison between Missouri two-year colleges and the Missouri Department of Higher Education in issues related to developmental education. Additionally, MoDEC collaborates with other professional organizations to further improve practices and policies in developmental education

We hope you find the MoDEC site informative and beneficial. Please feel free to contact Melody Shipley or Juliet Scherer if you have any questions or feedback you would like to share.

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