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Administration Building Renovation Project Wraps Up



Administration Building

Renovation of the Administration Building on the East Central College campus in Union is complete.  The Student Service Center was the last department to move back into the facility August 24.


An open house will be held Sunday, October 30.  That event will begin at 1:30 p.m. with a dedication ceremony naming the building George H. Buescher Hall. The public will be able to tour the facility until 4 p.m. 


Buescher was one of the leaders in the campaign to form a junior college district in the area in the 1960s, serving as co-chair of the survey committee that prepared the report submitted to the state for authorization to hold an election on the formation of the college district.  He was later the co-chair of the steering committee that promoted passage of the ballot proposition to establish the college district in April of 1968.  At that time he elected as a charter member of the board of trustees and served as board president for 12 years.


K & S Associates was the general contractor handling the renovation project. The building has gone through a complete transformation with new energy efficient heating, cooling and lighting equipment.  


More than 70 staff housed in the AD Building moved in the spring of 2010.  The Library, Learning Center, Student Services, Business Office and administrative office were relocated to other buildings on campus. With the building vacant, workers started on the asbestos abatement and demolition portion of the project which was completed last August.


In a separate project related to the renovation, the campus loop road and an additional parking lot have been completed. Trees have been planted along the 28 foot wide concrete road that connects the lower campus driveway to the road that runs by the Administration Building. A 75 space parking lot at the east end of the Administration Building was also added. The amount of water that will come off the new road and parking lot necessitated a storm water control system. To deal with that water, a one-half acre retention pond was built between the new driveway and Prairie Dell Road.


Lawrence Group, a St. Louis based architectural firm, worked with the college on this project. By capturing space along the recessed window areas on the first floor and aligning them with the second story walls of the building as well as creating a new stairwell and entryways, the facility totals 61,166 square feet. Construction costs will total $9.8 million, with funding for the project coming from the campus improvement fund, money remaining from the Prop RN bond issue approved by district voters in August of 2006, and unrestricted fund balances.


The Administration Building was the first facility constructed on the campus, with the first classes held there in January of 1972.

  Administration Building

Architect's Rendering - North Facade


Administration Building

Architect's Rendering - Lobby






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