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The East Central College Board of Trustees unanimously resolved at their August 29 meeting to name the former Administration Building in honor of the late George H. Buescher.  Buescher was a charter member of the board and served as board president for 12 years.


A naming policy instituted in 2009 states that the board may consider naming honors for an individual who had a lasting and measurable impact on the college.  Board president Jim Perry noted that Mr. Buescher certainly fit that description. 


“He was one of the leaders in the campaign to form a junior college district in this area in the 1960s,” said Perry.  “He served as co-chair of the survey committee that prepared the report submitted to the state for authorization to hold an election on the formation of the college district.  He later served as co-chair of the steering committee that promoted passage of the ballot proposition to establish the college district when it was submitted to voters in April of 1968.


In that election, voters gave their approval for the formation of the college district and Buescher emerged as the top vote getter in a field of 23 trustee candidates, thus earning a six-year term on the first district board of trustees.  His fellow board members selected him as board president.  He served in that strategic position until the spring of 1980, stepping down several months before his unexpected death.


Perry stated that it is truly fitting and proper for the first building erected on the Union campus to be named after one of ECC’s founders. 


Geroge H. Buescher Hall will be dedicated Sunday, October 30.  The dedication ceremony will begin at 1:30 p.m. with tours of the renovated space continuing until 4 p.m.  The newly renovated building is a multi-use facility housing the Library, Learning Center, Student Service Center, classrooms, and faculty and administrative offices.

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