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East Central College trustees approved a contract with Washington Engineering and Architecture to prepare construction documents for the renovation of the art department on the Union campus.  Authorization came at the board’s December 3 meeting.  The cost is not to exceed $29,650.


For more than 20 years the art department has been housed in space that was originally used by the automotive technology, building construction and welding programs.  The space was never renovated for the specific needs of the art program.


College president Jon Bauer noted the total value of the project is estimated at $300,000, although the actual cash outlay will be significantly less by utilizing ECC facilities staff for much of the work.  “Portions will have to be bid out, and the work will be done in phases,” said Bauer.  “We are at the point of needing to prepare construction documents so we can begin the work that we will perform in-house, as well as begin making plans for bidding other portions of the project.”   


Bauer told trustees that the college anticipates receiving 50 percent reimbursement from the state in maintenance and repair funds.  “Our own personnel costs can be submitted as the local match for those funds,” Bauer stated.


ECC began working with Washington Engineering more than a year ago to assess the space and provide conceptual recommendations for the 5,850 square foot area.  The completed project will provide well-defined space for each of the media used by the department, address safety and ventilation issues and provide for more efficient use of the rooms.


“We anticipate starting work on the renovation next spring,” said Bauer.  “Subsequent phases will be budgeted and bid in future fiscal years. 

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