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East Central College has again received a clean opinion on the annual audit of the financial statements.  At their December 3 meeting, the board of trustees accepted the audit for the year that ended June 30, 2012.


The audit was conducted by the firm of Davis, Lynn, and Moots, of Springfield, Mo., which gave the college an “unqualified opinion.”  The financial statements of the ECC Foundation, which is considered a component unit of the college, were also audited for the year that ended December 31, 2011.  The foundation also received an unqualified opinion.


“We are very pleased to once again receive a unqualified “clean” opinion on the audit that showed no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses,” said college president Jon Bauer.  No compliance issues were noted with regard to major federal award programs, nor were there any other findings that require a response from the college.


The college has total assets of almost $57 million, down $3.3 million from last year.  Property and equipment constitute $43.1 million of the total.   Total liabilities were also down over $3 million for the year, and now total $24.1 million. 


Over $15 million in federal monies passed through the college throughout the year, the majority in the form of Pell  and SEOG grants, work study and federal student loans.




In personnel matters, trustees accepted the retirement of three employees, the resignation of three others, and also hired two full-time employees and adjunct instructors for the 2013 spring semester. 


Two faculty members and the longest tenured ECC employee will take advantage of the retirement incentive package approved by the board in October. 


Vince Niehaus, chairperson of the fine and performing arts division will retire at the conclusion of the 2013 spring semester after 28 years in the theater department at East Central. 


Dan Hall, assistant professor of accounting , also plans to retire next May.  Hall has taught at ECC since 1991 He also served as business division chairperson from 1997 to 2000.


ECC registrar Karen Wieda, an original employee of the college, will retire next June after almost 44 years with the institution.  Wieda started as faculty secretary at East Central two weeks before classes began in September of 1969.  For the past 40 years she has served as the college registrar. 


The retirement incentive includes 33 percent of base salary for the current year or $750 per year of service, paid in two annual installments beginning in August of 2013.  Retirees will also receive the cash equivalent to one year of health, dental and vision insurance premium.   Retirees can elect to continue insurance coverage under the college plan, but would be responsible for the monthly premium. 


Employees who intend to participate in the incentive have until January 15, 2013, to notify the college of their retirement plans.


Three members of the professional staff submitted letters of resignation.


Brenda Bouse, vice president of career and outreach education for the past four years, has accepted a position as network director of education for SSM Health Care in St. Louis.  Her last day with the college is January 4.


Maggie Hotz, outreach coordinator for health careers program since last July, has also resigned effective December 17.  Her position was created as part of the Missouri Health Wins grant and Hotz served as liaison between East Central College healthcare programs and healthcare providers in the area.  She plans to return to her previous place of employment, Express Scripts.


JJ Klenke, program coordinator for the youth sector of the Workforce Investment Act program since 2009, submitted her resignation effective January 4.


Trustees approved the hiring of Sarah Waring as math instructor for the upcoming spring semester.  Waring earned a master’s degree in mathematics from Saint Louis University.   She started as a teaching assistant in the math department at SLU in 2010 and for the past year was an adjunct instructor at that institution.


Robin Bellis will become the coordinator of business and industry programs January 2.  Since June she has been a consultant with ECC’s customized training and New Jobs programs.  From 1999 to 2007 she was director of operations and development for Webb Community Management in California.  Bellis obtained her bachelor’s degree in finance  from the University of South Florida.


Adjunct instructors for the upcoming spring semester were also approved by the board.

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