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The first year pre-licensure nursing students at East Central College’s Union campus recently

started their clinical rotation. 


ECC’s Associate Degree Nursing programs include supervised practicum in a variety of

health care agencies every semester, giving students the opportunity to practice skills and

apply knowledge learned in the classroom.  These students will graduate in May of 2014

with an Associate of Applied Science degree in nursing.  They will then be eligible to apply

to write the NCLEX-RN Exam for licensure as registered nurses. 


In both Union and Rolla, ECC offers the traditional pre-licensure nursing programs as well

as LPN to RN bridge programs for licensed practical nurses interested in becoming

registered nurses.  The nursing programs at both locations are fully approved by the

Missouri State Board of Nursing.

ECC Freshmen Nursing Students

   Shown, front row, from left, are  Melissa Hagedorn, Rhineland; Erica Froning, Bourbon; Madeleine Piontek, Washington; Sara Peirick, New Haven; and Chelsea Mangiaracino,


   Second row:  Desiree Ware, Sullivan; Stacy Weiskopf, Rosebud; Erica Casteel,

Bland; Amy Boefer, Pacific; Ashly Albrecht, Pacific; and Emily Lawrence, Sullivan. 

   Third row:   Jillian Payne, Villa Ridge; Lisa Kiel, New Haven; Amy Walters, Union;

Shelli Taylor, Washington; and Elisha Chaney, Owensville. 

   Fourth  row:  Erin Grissum, Washington; Rosalie Tobin, Warrenton; Sarah Clifton, Union;

and Kayla Goodwin, St. Clair.

   Back row:  Colin Morrow, St. Clair; Rodney Haanpaa, Sullivan; Toney Chiles, Hermann;

and David Datillo, Washington.

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