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For the seventh consecutive semester, East Central College has enrolled more than 4,000 students in credit classes.  However, the 4,043 students registered for the 2012 fall semester is a two percent decrease from last fall.


“We know that community colleges throughout the state and the country are seeing declines this fall, so this drop is not unexpected,” said Dr. Jon Bauer, college president.  “However, we also know that enrollment is important and we have emphasized the importance of both recruiting new students and retaining those who enroll.”


This semester ECC students are enrolled in 39,383 credit hours, a drop of 2.3 percent compared to last fall.   Over the past five fall semesters, student headcount has increased 12.6 percent and credit hours have increased 18.2 percent.


Bauer said East Central and other community colleges experienced a sharp increase in enrollment when economic conditions worsened several years ago. Many of those students have since completed their study at East Central, leading to a natural contraction in the college’s enrollment.


More than 51 percent of the students are enrolled on a part-time basis , taking less than 12 credit hours for the semester.  Over 2,500 students reside within the college district.  ECC has just 11 out-of-state students enrolled and only seven international students.


The majority of ECC students, more than 62 percent (2,511 students), take classes at the main campus in Union.  The number of students taking classes at the college’s satellite location in Rolla increased more than two percent over last year with 678 students enrolled. 


More students are also attending classes at ECC in Washington this fall with 286 enrolled at that site.  This is the second semester that East Central has held classes at the new facility on Armory Road in Warrenton and 27 students are enrolled there.  Enrollment at ECC in Sullivan is the same as fall of 2011 with 232 students.


More than 42percent of ECC students are classified as transfer majors, intending to move on to a four-year college or university after ECC.  Four of the top five majors at ECC are transfer programs.  General studies leads the list with 705 majors.  The associate degree nursing program ranks second with 484 majors. The associate of arts in teaching program has 201 majors, with 146 students declaring themselves as transfer business majors.  The pre-engineering program rounds out the top five with 125 students pursing that course of study.


The number of men attending ECC increased slightly from fall 2011, with males now making up 39.8 percent of the student body. 

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