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East Central College will be receiving additional funds from the state. 


Dr. Jon Bauer, president of ECC, told college trustees at their February 4 meeting that Governor Jay Nixon announced earlier that day that he was releasing $8.5 million in funds for  higher education that he previously withheld.  “That amounts to $50,353 for ECC, boosting our funding to nearly the full level state lawmakers budgeted last year,” Bauer said.


“Governor Nixon said that Missouri’s general revenue report for January showed collections were up 9.5 percent over the same month last year,” noted Bauer.  “This positive trend means Missouri’s community college will split $1.3 million.”


The current ECC budget was drawn up based on an estimated eight percent reduction in state aid.  Bauer noted that the release of the funds was welcome news for the college.


“This is another indicator that the economy continues to recover,” Bauer said. “We appreciate the governor’s action. He understands the importance of state aid to our operations and acted swiftly when it was clear that the state was in a position to restore this important funding.”

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