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East Central College students will see a slight increase in fees next summer.  A $5 per credit hour facilities fee, allocated to the location where the credit hour is generated, was approved by college trustees at their November 4 meeting.


The facilities fee will enable the college to generate revenue for the purpose of operating, maintaining, repairing and/or improving the various facilities owned or leased by the institution. 


“While it is important that ECC remains affordable for students, it is also imperative that the facilities in which those students learn are kept safe, up-to-date, and appropriately designed and furnished,” noted Dr. Jon Bauer, college president.    


Bauer stated that the fee will provide some flexibility as ECC addresses building needs.  “Funds can be used as they are generated, but could also build up over time for more significant projects,” he said. “ This would provide a dedicated source of revenue which will prove essential as we plan for future projects.”


“We have identified a long list of projects at the main campus and continue to assess our needs at our off-campus sites as well,” Bauer said. “This facilities fee will provide an important tool as we attempt to address those needs.”


Based on students enrolling in 75,000 credit hours, the fee would generate $375,000 annually.  Distributed by location, that would amount to $266,250 for the main campus in Union, $75,000 for the Rolla site, $18,750 for the Washington location and $15,000 for ECC in Sullivan.


Trustees Charlie Betz, Tom Dill, Ann Hartley, Don Kappelmann and Jim Perry voted to approve the fee.  Prudence Fink Johnson voted no.


Board Personnel Policy and Procedure Revisions


Board members also approved revisions to several policies related to college personnel.  Several policies were changed to reflect current law or practices, and several involved rewording for clarity.  One revision provides for changes to the staffing plan as necessary during the course of the fiscal year. 


Trustees were also presented with a draft of revisions to additional personnel policies.  Bauer noted that the changes have been reviewed by ECC’s legal counsel.  Board members will have a month to review the changes with adoption of the policies slated for the December 2 meeting of the trustees.


Testing Agreements and Course Fees


Jean McCann, vice president of instruction, reviewed several testing agreements that would go into effect for the 2014 spring semester.


In October an agreement was signed which formalizes testing arrangements for students at the University of Missouri-Columbia so they can utilize testing centers at community colleges across the state for secure online testing.  ECC will charge the existing $20 fee per test session assessed to non-students.    


“In addition, the Missouri community colleges are in the process of developing a statewide agreement for testing services,” said McCann. “Once finalized, the agreement will allow any community college student to use the testing facilities at any community college.  These agreements support online learning programs throughout the state.”


Another change relates to ECC’s education program.  The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has changed its entry assessment for teacher preparation from the CollegeBASE to the Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA), effective this semester.  A new assessment, the Missouri Educator Profile (MEP), has also been instituted to determine that candidates have the characteristics to become effective educators.  A $120 program admission fee charged to ECC students covers both assessments, the criminal background screenings and membership in the Student Missouri State Teachers Association.   


In other business, trustees approved course fees for classes in microbiology, accounting, sculpture and medical assistant.

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