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Board policies related to personnel and students were approved at the August meeting of the board.

Trustees authorized changes to the shared sick leave policy for employees.
ECC’s status as an attendance taking institution was clarified as a part of revised board policy.  The policy states that student attendance in class, regardless of the delivery method, is important for student success.  Faculty members are required to submit daily attendance records to the college registrar on a timely basis.  All faculty distribute to students a course syllabus that includes a statement detailing the specific course attendance policy, guidelines and actions.
For a student to be considered attending, several conditions must be met.  A student cannot be absent for all class meetings held within 14 consecutive calendar days (or a prorated amount based on a reduced class meeting calendar) without having made regular and frequent contact with the instructor regarding class progress.
A student cannot be absent for the equivalent of two weeks of class meeting time via intermittent, nonconsecutive absences. 
The updated policy also states that an ECC student cannot exceed the absences permitted under a more restrictive and specific course attendance policy.  A faculty member will follow the actions as stated in the course syllabus up to and including administrative withdrawal from the class for any student not considered attending but still officially enrolled in the class.
The admission policy was also updated.  Students without a high school diploma or certificate of high school equivalency may be provisionally admitted and allowed to complete a maximum of 15 credit hours.    
Authorization was given to update procedures regarding communicable diseases and redefine the make-up of the assessment team that will review and assess the student’s condition.
Board members were also presented with revisions to the sexual harassment policy to ensure compliance with current laws.  Adoption of the policy is expected at the October board meeting.
Purchase of Emergency Generator Approved
Trustees approved a bid from PB Electric of Sullivan for an emergency generator system.  This generator, in combination with the existing Buescher Hall generator, will enable the campus to maintain continuous power for the computer network infrastructure during an outage.  Currently, power outages bring down the electrical system that supports the internet, email, computer network, servers and phone infrastructure. 
PB Electric’s bid of $71,000 includes installation of a natural gas powered generator to power the server room, along with an automatic transfer switch.  Two other bids were received.  Casco Electric of Beaufort submitted a bid of $85,780 and St. Louis based Streib Electric bid $89,319.  A portion of the purchase will be covered by matching maintenance funds from the state.
The board was also informed about a purchase of MAC Pro computers that they pre-authorized in June.  ECC bought 18 units for the multimedia program at a total price of $151,776, and expects 75 percent of the cost to be covered by Vocational Enhancement Grant funds administered by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.
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