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Course Catalog: Anthropology

AN 1003 3.0
Intro Cult Anthro
An introduction to the concept of culture and the scientific study of present day peoples and extinct cultures through use of the cross-cultural approach, ethnography, ethnohistory, and archaeology. The course focuses on the comparative study of bands, tribes, chiefdoms, and states, the evolution of cultural complexity, the structural and cross-cultural investigation of language, kinship, and religion, and investigation of various customs and practices in different cultures and culture areas. Special attention is devoted to how language and culture are unique to Homo sapiens and how language differs from all other animal communication systems. SBS, GLB, WRT
Prerequisite: None

AN 1103 3.0
Int Phys Anth&Arch
An introduction to the scientific study of human origins and biological variation through examination of evolutionary processes, the fossil record for the Order Primates, the fossil record for bipedalism and increased cranial capacity, the archaeological record for tool making and tool evolution, brain evolution and the biological basis for language capabilities in the Genus Homo, and population genetics. The course focuses on how technology, language, and culture are end products of biological evolution, on the evolution of culture from the appearance of the earliest known stone tools to the end of the Neolithic, and on population variations within Genus Homo. SBS, GLB, WRT
Prerequisite: None

AN 2701-2705 1.0-5.0
A specialized program of study directly related to the department's area of expertise. The course is arranged between a faculty member and student and takes into consideration the needs, interests and background of the student.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

AN 2711-2715 1.0-5.0
Spec Topics-Anthropology
Courses are offered to accommodate special interests of students and/or faculty. Typically, the course will cover new material not currently contained in the curriculum at ECC.
Prerequisite: None

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