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Course Catalog: American Sign Language

AS 1334 4.0
Am Sign Lang I
This course offered for anyone interested in gaining a knowledge about deafness and the sign system used by the deaf. The students will learn: fingerspelling, approximately 500 words, reverse skills, history of sign language; and an understanding of deafness. HFA, WRT, VAL
Prerequisite: None

AS 1344 4.0
Am Sign Lang II
The student will become more proficient in fingerspelling; know the signs for 1,000 words; improve reverse skills; gain an understanding of different levels of deaf verbal language and begin learning interpretation and translation. HFA, WRT, VAL
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of "C" in AS 1334.

AS 1354 4.0
Am Sign Lang III
A continuation of training in sign language usage. Emphasis on increased ability in both receptive and expressive areas as well as the ability to move from one modality of sign language to another modality. Concentration on the mastery of Ameslan. HFA, WRT, VAL
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of "C" in AS 1344.

AS 1372 2.0
Deaf History Culture
To help students understand historical values and traditions within the culture of deaf people. Traditions include use of humor, success stories and behaviors of empowerment. Values include the importance of clubs and perspectives on education.
Prerequisite: None

AS 2711-2715 1.0-5.0
Special Topics-Am Sign Lang
Courses are offered to accommodate special interests of students and/or faculty. Typically, the course will cover new material not currently contained in the curriculum at ECC.
Prerequisite: None

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