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Course Catalog: Business Management Technology

BMT 2013 3.0
Introduction to ERP
The course provides an overview of Enterprise Resource Planning software systems and their role within an organization. It introduces key concepts integrated information systems and explains why such systems are valuable to businesses. In addition to lecture, students will be guided through several hands-on activities of various business processes in SAP R/3 software product. The course will also provide a discussion on various business cases in which ERP concepts can be applied.
Prerequisite: CS 1003, CS 1013, or CS 1133; minimum grade C

BMT 2033 3.0
Supply Chain Management
This course explores the key issues associated with the design and management of industrial Supply Chains. Supply Chains are concerned with the efficient integration of suppliers, factories, warehouses and stores so that products are distributed to customers in the right quantity and the right time. One of the primary objectives of SC management is to minimize the total supply chain cost subject to various service requirements. The course studies the need for supply chain integration and the challenges of managing complex interfaces. This course focuses on the system approach to the planning, anaylsis, design, development, and evaluation of supply chain. The course discusses activities that lead to integration of information and material flows across multiple organizations.
Prerequisites: None

BMT 2053 3.0
Systems Analysis
To introduce the processes by which business information systems are analyzed, designed and presented to the business environment. Topics include investigation of existing systems, requirements analysis, logical and physical design, database design, forms design, and report analysis. The emphasis of this course is on methodologies commonly used in business today, and the application of those methodologies to real world cases using the team approach utilized in system development projects.
Prerequisite: CS 1133, minimum grade C

BMT 2073 3.0
BMT Project Management
Intensvie coverage of management in a wide range of project applications from concept through operations. Planning, scheduling, controlling, economic analysis, quality control and customer satisfaction are stressed in this course.
Prerequisite: None

BMT 2093 3.0
Process Improvement
This course introduces students Six Sigma frameworks along with some key concepts. Such as Kaizen, root cause problem solving, tools needed for lean scheduling, and mixed-model production.
Prerequisite: None

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