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Course Catalog: Business

BU 0100-1003 0.5-3.0
Introductory level course designed to upgrade or develop specific skills relative to current or anticipated employment.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1003 3.0
Intro to Business
A survey course designed to give the student a general knowledge of the modern business world and a better basis for choosing concentrated business offerings.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1013 3.0
Prin of Marketing
This course offers an overview of how marketing has changed due to the rise of social media and how businesses have adapted. The emphasis of this course is to address the fundamental principles in relation to the broader concepts of business strategy and its relationship to social media marketing, and how to track their effectiveness. Students will explore today's business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions, which challenge the traditional methods of implementing the universal principles of marketing.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1023 3.0
A study of proper sales techniques for presenting and selling merchandise to the consumer including methods of organization, training, and management of the sales force.
Prerequisite: BU 1003, minimum grade C

BU 1033 3.0
Prin of Advertising
A study of the aspects of advertising with emphasis on the development of a proper marketing mix, the planning of advertising strategy, the management of personnel, the control of advertising operations, advertising research, and development of display plans. Each student will be assigned an advertising project concerned with a marketing plan, advertising strategy, and an advertising budget.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1043 3.0
Prin of Finance
A broad introduction to the operations, mechanics, and structure of the financial system within the United States. Special emphasis is given to financial instruments, markets and institutions, the Federal Reserve System and monetary policy. The course stresses the impact of monetary policy on the economy and on the operation of financial institutions. The course is intended to be the first course in finance.
Prerequisite: AC 1003, minimum grade C

BU 1053 3.0
Fund of Management
A study in the evaluation and comparison of private and public personnel practices and the techniques of recruiting, selecting, transferring, promoting, classifying, and training workers. Pre/Co-requisite: BU 1003

BU 1063 3.0
Bus/Indus Mgt Internship
Actual work experience in a business or industry with periodic discussions of the problems involved in applying classroom principles to the job.
Prerequisite: Must have at least 24 semester hours, 12 hours of which must be in Business, Accounting or Economics. Twelve business hours must include BU 1003 (Intro to Business) and BU 1013 (Principles of Marketing). The minimum GPA for the required 12 hours is 2.5. Consent of instructor is required.

BU 1103 3.0
Human Resource Management
This course will examine the functions of a human resources department as well as the challenges and opportunities facing human resource managers. This course will explore the attitudes and necessary skill of managers and supervisors in solving human problems and developing a skilled and motivated workforce.
Prerequisite: BU 1053

BU 1113 3.0
Prin Industrial Mgt.
This course is designed to study the basic relationship of business functions necessary for the success of a company engaged in a manufacturing environment. This includes the study of customer service; inventory control and manufacturing; and purchasing controls. This course will also be a preparation course for the Inventory Management Certification examination.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1123 3.0
Analyzing Financial Statements
This course will teach students to analyze financial information in conjunction with making commercial loan credit decisions. The course will utilize various financial ratios and other decision making processes used by commercial bankers.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1193 3.0
This course has as its central focus the development of leadership ability. The course provides a basic understanding of leadership and group dynamics theory, assists participants in developing a personal philosophy of leadership, and the awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of leadership.
Prerequisite: None

BU 1213 3.0
Business Communications
This course presents principles of communication that apply to the needs of today's business professionals. The study of strategies and skills for effective writing and speaking in business organizations to include interpersonal skill development and conflict resolution while addressing the many business technical modes of communication delivery.
Prerequisite: EN 1223 or EN 1233, minimum grade C

BU 2013 3.0
Survey Calculus
A study of the techniques of differential and integral calculus. The focus of the course is on functions and the applications of the calculus to the life, social, and managerial sciences, with particular emphasis on the latter. Trigonometry is not used.
Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or better in MT 1403, score into a math course with a course number higher than MT 1500, or consent of instructor.

BU 2023 3.0
Bus/Indus Mgt Internship
Actual work experience in a business or industry with periodic discussions of the problems involved in applying classroom principles to the job.
Prerequisite: BU 1063 and enrollment in Business Management Program and consent of instructor.

BU 2033 3.0
Legal Environment of Bus
A study of those areas of the law which affect most businesses. Topics include: emphasis on the perspective and systematic approach of the law to issues such as legal history, reasoning, court system and procedure, regulatory law, environmental responsibility, consumer rights; law of torts, contracts and law sales, international dimensions of legal environment, anti-trust and employment implications.
Prerequisite: Completion of 15 credit hours with college level course numbers.

BU 2103 3.0
Bas Bus Statistics
An introductory course dealing with the methods of collecting, organizing, presenting, and analyzing data related to business. The course deals with measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary probability and probability distributions, statistical estimation and hypothesis testing, and linear correlation.
Prerequisite: MT 1403, minimum grade C or appropriate placement score into MT 1505 or consent of instructor.

BU 2123 3.0
Basic Investments
This course is an introduction to investment securities. The course will provide general knowledge of the securities markets and basic investment analysis.
Prerequisite: None

BU 2143 3.0
Small Business Mgt.
This course is designed for those who may want to start and operate their own business, as well as those who are already business owners, but with to strengthen their entrepreneurial and management skills through development of a small business plan. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to evaluate the opportunities and risks involved in the small business; apply the techniques involved in starting a new venture including the legal aspects and development of a business plan; and explain the techniques and principles of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the operating venture.
Prerequisite: None

BU 2153 3.0
Organizational Theory
This course is a study of interactions in small groups. The study includes interpersonal sensitivity, communication, decision making, development of group structure and norms, and will explore their importance in the business organization.
Prerequisite: BU 1053

BU 2173 3.0
This course is designed to provide the student with leadership and management skills to function as a supervisor in a variety of today's organizations. Motivation, positive reinforcement, coaching and preventive business law will be covered to provide the student with confidence and skills needed to lead people under their supervision.
Prerequisite: BU 1003 or BU 1053, minimum grade C

BU 2183 3.0
This course is an overview in the methods businesses and organizations use e-commerce to present, network, sell, conduct consumer research, and interact with customers to increase results. Enhancements in product, price, place, and promotion will provide a framework for students to develop a project, or further study in an area of their choice.
Prerequisite: BU 1013

BU 2203 3.0
Market Research
Upon completion of this course, students should understand the role of marketing research, the stages of the research process, research degrees for collecting primary data, measurement, concepts, sampling and fieldwork, and data analysis and interpretation. Students will conduct a marketing research project utilizing a computerized database. The emphasis of the course will be equally on (1) research techniques and technical skills involving research design, quantitative analytical methods, and software and (2)marketing analysis--with emphasis on cases, practical applications, and decision making in real world marketing contexts. Each student in a team format will conduct a research project. The research project will require a hands-on-application of the principles and methods covered in the course.
Prerequisite: None Corequisites: BU 1013, BT 2013.

BU 2213 3.0
Program Capstone-Business
The business capstone course will assess the student's success in the study of the body of course work in the program. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of and application of the program's goals and competencies. In the course students will focus on business strategies, ethics, and problem solving. Students will be required to produce a portfolio and participate in required exit testing. Career management guidance will be included.
Prerequisite: BU 1053, BU 1013, AC 1003, and EC 2103 or EC 2203

BU 2701-2705 1.0-5.0
A specialized program of study directly related to the department's area of expertise. The course is arranged between a faculty member and student and takes into consideration the needs, interests and background of the student.
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor

BU 2711-2715 1.0-5.0
Special Topics-Business
Courses are offered to accommodate special interests of students and/or faculty. Typically, the course will cover new material not currently contained in the curriculum at ECC.
Prerequisite: None

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